Blockchain 101 Series – Part 1: What is Ethereum Gas?

On April 12, 2022, at 11AM PST/2PM EST, Skale & Gigster kicks-off a series of webinars meant to clarify the unknowns of Blockchain. We start with answering What is Ethereum Gas? The event is hosted by Cory Hymel, Director of Blockchain at Gigster, joined by Jack O’Holleran, CEO & Co-Founder Skale Labs.

About the event

Gas is the amount of computational resources required for a user to interact with the Ethereum blockchain network. It is a unit measured in the amount of ether (ETH) the transaction will cost. Ethereum uses a Proof-of-work protocol to maintain the blockchain and keep transactions secure. Gas fees are paid directly to the Ethereum miners that complete the transaction as payment for their computations.

To learn more about Ethereum Gas, why it exists, how it works, understand the costs and how to avoid paying high gas fees, register for our live stream and learn from our experts.  

Meet our Speakers

Cory Hymel

Head of Blockchain


Why does gas exist and really, where did it come from? We’ll discuss conceptually how blockchains work and why gas exists. After having an origin story we can look to the future to understand the limitations gas puts on scale.  

Jack O’Holleran

Co-Founder & CEO


How to prevent high gas fees? 

SKALE’s decentralized network dramatically reduces block finality and offers a gasless solution for transactions while on SKALE.

Watch the event recording