Project Roadmap For NFT Marketplace Development

So your company wants to take advantage of the viral market emerging around the non-fungible token (NFT)? This desire isn’t surprising when considering the rapid pace at which the market for NFTs is exploding.

10 Tips for Better Reactive Design

Reactive design involves a series of deliberate actions that work to preempt and solve issues people may encounter when using web or mobile applications.

How to Build Great Products by Rallying Your Team Around the User

At the heart of every app, blockchain, and algorithm is a user with a job to do and a desire that needs to be met. In this article, you’ll learn how to make sure that your next product is one that users love with these three tools: jobs-to-be-done, user-centered design, and a stakeholder map.

An Overview of Personalization Technologies Across the Internet

Personalization is at the core of many modern internet services and has been a topic of heated discussion among researchers and academics over the last ten years. This article reviews eight implementations of personalization and makes the case that all companies should be evaluating this technology.

How Does Personalization Technology Work?

Let’s get hands-on and consider a sample problem, where the goal is to make Personalized Client Engagement Recommendations for salespeople by sketching out a recommendation engine algorithm.

4 Simple Steps Toward AI Mastery

Every company with over $1B in revenue will see significant competition from AI-first startups within the next 5 to 10 years. No industry is safe from this fact.

AI in Focus: Financial Services

The financial services industry continues to transform as emerging AI technology impacts business effectiveness and growth.

Diversity & Inclusion in Sales

Gigster hosted a panel of industry leaders to discuss the challenges we face in building an inclusive, diverse sales team. Here are a few key highlights

AI in Focus: Food & Beverage

Thanks to AI, the food and beverage (F&B) industry is undergoing a major renaissance in its processes and effectiveness.

AI in Focus: Manufacturing

AI is enabling manufacturing’s fourth industrial revolution via data and sensors that improve accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

AI in Focus: Healthcare

Across an industry worth trillions of dollars, AI isn’t just helping healthcare providers save money — it’s saving lives through better record-keeping and breakthrough surgical techniques.

AI in Focus: Retail

AI’s influence on retail extends beyond online shopping and, more recently, is disrupting the brick-and-mortar stalwarts of the industry.

Gigster 2.0

In this first post of our new column, CTO Corner, by co-founder Debo Olaosebikan, he highlights how Gigster’s own evolution underscores the importance of connecting investments in software directly to the business impact they will effect in an organization.

Big Winners Start Small

Can the slow and steady tortoise also have the agility of the hare? In this post, Debo Olaosebikan makes this claim and offers a roadmap for large enterprises to act more like small startups to drive transformative outcomes. This nimbleness is especially important in today’s software-defined world.

Go Big or Go Home

Large organizations can use size as an advantage over startups by leveraging lessons from venture capital, which also highlights that breakthrough innovation simply won’t happen under a Minimum Transformation Investment threshold.

ML Is the New SQL

Notes from our Google Cloud AI partnership roundtable discussion on how to drive business value from Artificial Intelligence.