Athena – Gigster’s internal network for assembling engineering teams

Our mission is to change the way software is built. To do that we’re building one of the largest networks of top developers, designers and product managers in the world. As networks grow they need to improve search and discoverability to realize its full value.

Let’s say a developer on a current project falls ill. The product manager will need a fast and easy way to find a replacement. Let’s say the developer has to have experience in a lesser known programming language like Erlang. Having a fast and easy way to find replacement is essential to maintaining momentum on the project and hitting deadlines.

We have an automated way to assemble teams but product managers wanted more agency to work with people they know and like. Rather than force them to have only one method to assemble their team we provided a second outlet. We can also track behavior and use that data to improve the automated process.

The tool we’ve built for this is called Athena. Athena is a directory that lets you search within the Gigster network and it’s available to our product managers, developers and designers.


Here’s what the search page looks like:


You can filter for different roles by toggling them on and off. We have data on how well our Gigsters perform and their Karma score (a reflection of ability and work performance). You can also filter by specific languages and time zones. There’s also a ways to filter based on their current workload, timeliness and how well the projects they’ve worked on have gone.

There’s a search bar so you can look for names and with other keywords as well. The search and filtering are also real time which is really cool. It’s current and refreshes as you type. We also use elastic search as a service in the backend.

For the frontend we use an open source react library called Searchkit (which has two Gigsters as core contributors). It’s pretty neat because it provides out of the box UI that connects to elastic cloud. It also lets you customize how results are displayed.


Clicking through from the search results page takes you to a Gigster’s profile page. Here’s what that looks like:


This page is pretty self explanatory. It shows basic facts, work history and so on. We also have badges that reflect achievements related to doing great work quickly.

You can also upvote someone for a skill, see who their most common teammates are and Gigsters can add recommendations to each other.

There’s also a social network element to it. You can create favorite lists and see mutual connections through these lists or if you have a common teammate (from current or past projects).


Lastly, admins have their own view so they can zoom out and get a high level view of the entire network.

We’re pretty excited to improve the workflow and experience for our Gigster network as that scale well as our network grows.