How to make outsourcing delightful

Ever ask people about their frustrations with outsourcing? Not surprisingly, ‘terrible customer service’ is often high on their list of grievances. When we started Gigster, our goal was offer an incredibly delightful experience that is at least one order of magnitude better than what the market currently offers. We believe that any outsourcing service worth its salt should deliver what the customer wants. With as little hassle as possible.

Here are some insights into why we value customer service so highly, and how we ensure our clients get the experience they deserve.

In Customer Service, Communication is Everything

Ever outsource your development work, only to be hit with days of radio silence? This naturally creates anxiety that’s disconcerting. Although the developer may simply be hard at work on your project, without regular updates there’s no way to know. Naturally, when clients are regularly kept up to date, a good chunk of their outsourcing anxiety melts away. It sounds almost too easy but it’s stunning how rare and powerful it is.

To guarantee excellent communication throughout a project, we assign a Product Manager (PM) to each of our clients. The PM’s job is to stay on top of what the developer is up to, track any milestones set by the client, and act as a mediator between them and the developer.

The biggest advantage of pairing our clients with project managers? They don’t have to worry about anything getting lost in translation. All our product managers ‘speak developer.’ They translate the plain English customers use when describing their project and translate that into technical language that developers can rely on. They also translate any project issues or decision points into plain English so that customers are always informed and have the information so they can make the key decisions.

Having a PM on a project also gives clients peace of mind. They rest easy in the knowledge that even when they’re addressing other issues, someone has an eye on development.

That said, top-tier customer service isn’t just about having someone to communicate with. The method of communication needs to be easy and intuitive. We’ve invested heavily in chat as our primary means of contact. Chat blends the human elements of a phone call with the archiving advantages of email. Our clients have a direct connection to their PM, without the need to be locked into a real-time conversation. Chat gives everyone involved the time to clearly lay out what they want, making it the perfect tool for driving a project forward.

Transparency and Expert Feedback

customer service

Nothing moves a project forward like a constructive conversation. And for that conversation to be as effective as possible, everyone needs to be on the same page. To us, transparency at all points of the project is key. This is where our product managers really come into their own. Each step in development is clearly explained to the client, so they’re always up to date and in control. This gives our customers the right amount of information so they can make key decisions along with the trade-offs and implications of each technical choice.

Strengthening our clients’ understanding of the outsourcing process makes it better for everyone. Customers become more aware of what they need. Project managers can speak openly about any challenges. And last but not least, developers can complete their work faster, courtesy of improved briefs.

Professionalism in All Forms

Businesses often choose to keep a project in-house because they want to be sure the people they hire are experienced and professional. The challenge is that these people are extremely difficult for most companies to hire and they’re usually working solely on the organization’s core tech.

When investing time and money into a project, it’s natural to want the best possible team in your corner. Gigster understands these concerns. Which is why we’re so picky about the developers we hire. Less than one percent of all applicants end up being accepted into our program. As for the precious few that make the cut? They have experience working with some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley (think Google, Facebook) and beyond.

Gigster also understands that professionalism is more than being the best in your field. We look for developers and product managers who want to educate their clients. When clients work with us, they know they’ll receive productive and informed feedback and recommendations. They also know the final decision is theirs to make. Through clear communication and expert feedback, we give our clients the tools to make their own choices.

You only need to look at Gigster’s success stories how happy we make our clients. Above all, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled professionalism and customer service. With these elements in place, there’s nothing we can’t do together.

Want to discuss a project with one of our smart Product Engineers? Hire your own Gigster today and see our process in action.

Alex Blott

Alex is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and regularly takes advantage of the highlands at his doorstep. He loves interviewing Gigsters clients because they're diverse and he always learns something new. His favourite writer is John Jeremiah Sullivan.