Introducing Paul Graham essay translations

For the past two decades Paul Graham has written some of the best and most popular essays on the subjects of startups, innovation, and programming. He has also been gracious enough to link to anyone who has created a translation of his essays into a new language. The way he does that is by adding a simple link at the bottom of the essay that has been translated. Paul has 174 essays translated into 31 languages.

We wanted to make these translations easier to find so we created a resource that makes it easier to find translations grouped by language. When we did this we found that of the 340 or so translations Paul Graham links to 151 of those links are broken.

Paul Graham Essays Hub

That means they moved without redirecting the old URL, they no longer exists at all, they got re-directed to a commercial landing page or link to sites with malware on them.

So here’s what we did:

  • We link out to essays that exist online.
  • We searched high and low for the locations of moved essays so we could link to them.
  • For missing translations, we resurrected them by using the Wayback Machine. We’ve cleaned up the HTML and now host them on our domain. At the top of the piece, we give credit to the original creator. If the piece is still out there we’ll update to link out and redirect our URL to point to theirs. We have this form so people can let us know when they find a missing piece. Given there are 31 languages it’s not always easy for us to find pieces that have moved if the old link doesn’t redirect to it.
  • We also found and link there were translations online that Paul Graham’s site doesn’t link to. (If we’ve missed any please fill out this form to let us know.)
  • We created new translations ourselves.

Over time we’ll continue creating more translations and linking to new ones that we’ve found. If you’d like to help then you can let us know here. We’re excited to support the spread of startup ideas and insights for founders, creators and innovators around the world.