5 Ways to Combine NFTs with Physical Products or Processes

NFTs are further making their way into the physical world in the form of identification cards and bank cards. These new strategies are already affording customers and employees an irreplaceable experience not previously available with just the physical or digital side alone.

4 Ways Metaverse Technology Will Influence the Enterprise

Brands know that there is a whole virtual economy inside these online worlds, where people are spending time and money through cryptocurrencies. The race to enter the metaverse is intense, and multiple companies are in the news every day trying to get into the space.

3 Ways NFTs are Impacting the Music Industry

The music industry in particular is embracing the opportunities presented by NFTs. This could prove to be transformational for musicians and listeners as news about musicians receiving low royalty rates from streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal appears regularly.

Deploy a Fully Tested NFT Contract Using OpenZeppelin

Deploy a Fully Tested NFT Contract Using OpenZeppelin

Deploy a Fully Tested NFT Contract Using OpenZeppelin Introduction What are we going to build? A note about my environment shell.nix devbin (Development Binaries) devlog .envrc .vscode Let’s get started Install npm and truffle Initialize truffle truffle-config.js contracts/Migrations.sol (can be ignored) migrations/1_initial_migration.js (can be ignored) test/.gitkeep (can be ignored) Use the latest version of the […]

3 Practical Business Use Cases for NFTs

3 Practical Business Use Cases for NFTs

As your company looks at the different ways to leverage NFTs, here are a few potential applications NFTs have and the ways they could benefit your business and your customers.

Project Roadmap For NFT Marketplace Development

So your company wants to take advantage of the viral market emerging around the non-fungible token (NFT)? This desire isn’t surprising when considering the rapid pace at which the market for NFTs is exploding.

Enterprise NFTs: A Paradox?

We stand at an interesting crossroads of the NFT movement where large brands and businesses are starting to take the technology seriously.

NFTs and The Psychology of Collecting

When analyzing the growing market for NFTs, understanding the psychology driving the desire for collecting informs your company’s development efforts.