The weekly tech tl;dr – 10th June 2016

The Big Stories

Apple is number 3 and Amazon number 18 in the Fortune 500 2016 list. Annamarie Gonzalez tweets: “Wow. Didn’t expect to see Kohl’s or Dollar General before Facebook.”

Top News

Microsoft says online searches can identify cancer victims. “Incredible stuff,” tweets Bryan Burrough.

Airbnb announces new business friendly features. The results? “I might need to try an @Airbnb on my next business trip,” says Steve Cistulli.

Google builds AI kill switch. “Don’t tell Watson,” Hiroyuki Onishi tweets.

Tech Drama

Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked. Elana Zak comments: “Mark Zuckerberg’s password was reportedly ‘dadada.’ Yes, this is the man who runs the world’s biggest social network.”

Arcade City, a 30K member Facebook group replaced Uber and Lyft in Austin. Juliette Rizkallah says she’s “So proud of #Austin, so resourceful.”

Judge Alsup upholds Google’s win over Oracle. Dan Bornstein comments on the judge’s order: “Wherein Judge Alsup teaches the Appeals Court how to program.”

Funding news

Salesforce starts fund to invest $50 million in startups. Stuart Hatcher tweets: “Looks like an #incubator is this years most have fashion accessory; everyone has one.”

Mobile security startup Zimperium raises $25m. “Congrats Zuk and team!” says Eyal Bino.

CrowdFlower raises $10m. Alex Holub says “Congrats @CrowdFlower on the raise!”


SnapChat acquires Seene. Kacy Fortner comments: “So this is how Snapchat will double their revenue this year. Well played.”

E.W. Scripps acquires streaming audio platform Sticher. Rob Greenlee calls it a “good development for the #podcasting space.”

DocPlanner merges with Doctoralia. DocPlanner tweets: “It’s official now! @Doctoralia welcome to the family!”


You can bring tech ideas to life without a tech background. The Lucey Fund tweets: “Not having a background in #tech shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your #startup idea.”

It’s possible to be a disruptive startup and comply with regulation. “Asking for forgiveness, not permission helps a lot of #startups be disruptive. These folks can stop you getting sued,” Gigster says.

Etsy’s business education program gives startups unusual advice: “go slow, think small.” John Surdyk says the program “cautions against growth for its own sake.”

IT Professionals

Ross Mason, founder of MuleSoft, says CIOs need to make accelerating change a priority. John Tecce tweets: “The rising role of integration, with an emphasis on speed, is the CIO’s top priority.”

CIOs who innovate will help their companies get ahead. Brett Kadesh comments: “Upstarts out maneuver incumbents. Why? 80% of IT budgets to go to maintenance vs innovation.”

Companies can attract young tech talent by embracing agility. “Agile is key to helping attract and retain the next generation,” says Brian Rabon.