The weekly tech tl;dr –- 17th June 2016

The Big Story

Microsoft makes plans to acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Gautam Trivedi comments: “Let’s have one minute silence for all the Microsoft employees who were trying to network via LinkedIn for finding a new job.”

Top News

Facebook uses Safety Check feature for the first time in the US after Orlando shooting. Sean Agnew tweets: “Arguably the most impressive feature on FB.”

Walgreens breaks ties with Theranos. “Makes you wonder how @theranos got funding,” Lois Romano says.

Appeals court upholds net neutrality rules. Erin M. Kidwell tweets: “The free internet won (for now).”

Apple makes tons of announcements at WWDC 2016. “Nothing new here. Android, Amazon & #IoT were already doing this.” Miyishia Slay tweets.

Tech Drama

SourceFed accuses Google of political bias. Alastair Coote comments: “That @sourcefed video on Google adjusting search results to favour Hillary? Yeah, not so much.”

Zenefits lays off another 106 employees after transition to new CEO. “We all wish David well, but can this be saved?” Naomi Bloom tweets.

Two Russian cybercrime groups steal Trump opposition research from the DNC. Andy Kroll says what we were all thinking: “When you thought campaign 2016 couldn’t get any weirder…”

Funding news

Didi, Uber’s main rival in China, raises another $7.3 billion. Brian Solomon tweets: “Anything Uber can do, Didi can do better?”

Yotpo, a user-generated marketing platform, raises $22 million. “Content marketing is def the rage at the moment – UGC seems the next step,” Kyle Hauptfleisch says.

Uber turns to leveraged loan market to raise $2 billion. Telis Demos comments: “Wild to see banks doing a $2B lev loan deal for Uber–a $1B revolver for a hot startup used to be a stretch.”


Messaging app Wand Labs joins Microsoft. Keval Desai tweets: “Congrats to Vishal Sharma & our team @WandLabs on their acquisition by @Microsoft = excited to see their impact at MSFT.”

Symantec will buy Blue Coat Systems for $4.65 billion. “Expensive way to get an new CEO!” says Charles Ferguson.

Marc Andreessen predicts a lot more M&A. Tyler Willis comments: “As tech company valuations start to mildly cool, lots of non-traditional buyers are starting to think about M&A.”


Even the cash conscious shouldn’t make budget cuts in these 8 areas. “Somethings in life don’t come for free unfortunately,” the Lucey Fund says.

How defining your archetype customer helps you achieve product market fit. Loop tweets: “Hit the Bulls-eye: Define your #Target #CustomerBase the smart way.”

Ready to up your productivity game? Try cultivating these 15 habits. “Great Read for #BusinessOwners,” Joyce Bosc tweets.

IT Professionals

Eli Lilly names Aarti Shah as new CIO. “Congratulations to .@EliLilly to appoint Aarti Shah to take this new CIO role. More gender #diversity,” Pascal Viginier tweets.

Diversity on the board level helps attract tech talent. Jackie Kazil comments: “Diversity is good for business.”

How to prepare for the bot explosion. “Great tips for businesses thinking,” Jana Eggers says.