The weekly tech tl;dr -– 1st July 2016

The Big Story

Brexit could cause a “techxit” as London startups consider leaving the UK. “Berlin or Dublin likely ‘beneficiaries’ of British self-immolation,” says Sean O’Sullivan.

Top News

Amazon launches Amazon Inspire, a free platform for education materials. Preetha Ram tweets:
“Christmas in June for teachers!”

Uber tracks driver behavior with app. As Gina Stark puts it, “Somebody’s watching…”

Google faces new antitrust charges from EU. “This time over advertising,” comments Scott Thurm.

Tech Drama

Lending Club cuts 12% of its employees and reveals ex-CEO’s questionable loans. Travis Pavlik tweets: “Reminds me of Episode #TheUptick from #SiliconValley.”

Google CEO’s Quora and Twitter accounts hacked. “Another day, another high profile #hack,” comments Ben Butler.

Airbnb takes San Francisco to court over new law. “Total war?” David Smith asks.

Funding News

PredictSpring closes series A with $11.4 million. “One to watch!” tweets Tim Roedel.

Partech Ventures raises $440 million to fund growth stage startups. “Great news for the Euro tech scene,” O. van Vollenhoven says.

Russia’s sovereign fund invests in Hyperloop One. Jonathan Hanlon comments: “This sounds like content for the intro of an upcoming #JamesBond movie!”


Cisco plans to pay $293 million for security startup CloudLock. Joon Lee tweets: “Congrats to my friends and CloudLock.”

Lyft hires M&A firm Qatalyst Partners. “I find this a little surprising, as I would’ve thought this market is big enough for @Uber as well as others…,” comments Christopher Knapp.

Infor, maker of supply management software, buys Predictix. Jeff Roster says, “Congrats and good luck to @infor & @predictix.”


Hit web series producers launch podcast network Headgum. Gigster tweets: “They’re known for the web series Jake and Amir on CollegeHumor.”

Learn how to take your startup public from this serial entrepreneur. Jason Fell quotes Kin Wai Lau on Twitter: “The first five people you hire will determine the make or break of the business.”

Google thinks playing with blocks can teach you how to code. Scott Davis comments: “I would have loved to do this in grade school!”

IT Professionals

Microsoft CEO says humans and AI can work together. “Strongly Agree w @satyanadella on PeopleFirst approach – people and #AI must collaborate,” says Paul Daugherty.

The 90’s are over. Interview developers like it’s the 21st century. Keith Henning agrees: “I’ve been doing this for 22 years. If you ask me to code in an interview I am walking out.”

2016 Deloitte Business Confidence Report says bold IT leadership is important but hard to find. Murray Wall tweets: “Bold leadership is the way forward, by taking the reigns of #digital transformation and fostering IT innovation!”