The weekly tech tl;dr –- 5th August 2016

The Big Story

Uber had a rollercoaster week. It merged with rival Didi in China, it’s about to get banned from Taiwan, and its Southeast Asia rival is set to raise $1 billion. Lee Schafer comments: “Ride-share business seems to have very aggressive guys. Didi beats Uber senseless, then invests in a SE Asian rival.”

Top News

Tech companies take over the top 5 most valuable companies. “Software is eating the world,” says David Coz.

Tesla is set to unveil its Gigafactory. “I bet @TeslaMotors is using the #Gigafactory not to build batteries, but Voltron or Optimus Prime,” Joseph Tam tweets.

Pokémon Go reaches 100 million downloads. Marcel Köhler comments: “#PokémonGo passed 100 million installs over the weekend reached over $10 million in daily revenues.”

Tech Drama

Instagram Stories takes a page from Snapchat. “So is it Instachat or Snaptagram?” asks Lisa Bregman.

Apple TV growth slowed by hard-nosed negotiating tactics. Matthew Panzarino tweets: “Translation: Apple wasn’t budging and can afford to wait so content providers are playing this out in the press.”

Bitfinex hack cost the company $65 million. Calvin Thomas Jr. sums up the damage: “A total of 119,756 bitcoin had been stolen by hackers.”

Funding news

App optimization startup Apptimize raises $12.4 million. “Congrats, @HuaNancy and the @apptimizeAB team on securing your $12.4 million Series B!” tweets Scott Dunlap.

3D printer company Glowforge brings in $22 million. Pauline Canteneur comments: “@glowforge raised $22M, a sign for #B2C #3dprinting renewal?”

Formlabs raises in $35 million. Dylan Reid offers his congrats: “From the moment I saw the @Formlabs prototype, I knew these guys would win!”


Verizon pays $2.4 billion in cash for Fleetmatics. “While you were watching Yahoo’s acquisition, Verizon did another M&A deal to beef up its less-known telematics group,” says Mark Drapeau.

Tesla makes $2.6 billion dollar deal to buy SolarCity. “Tesla to make cars with solar panels embedded on top!” Shane Prebenda quips.

Gaming industry acquisitions exceed $25 billion in 2016. Andy Turner tweets: “July was the biggest month in the history of game acquisitions.”


This couple built an app that helps you book your own personal tour guide. The Bulleit Group comments: “Sometimes your best coworkers are your family.”

Former Foursquare employees team up to build Iterate, a survey platform for startups. “Feedback is oxygen for product development. Congrats to my old colleagues @msingleton @lankybutmacho on @IterateHQ,” Noah Weiss tweets.

Selfycart eliminates grocery store lines. “@selfycart looks to take self-checkouts to the next level with smartphone scanning & payments,” Aman K. Paul says.

IT Professionals

2016 CIO 100 honors leaders in innovation. Rohit Ghai tweets: “Next-gen #CIOs serious about winning customers & driving revenue.”

Paula Tolliver succeeds Kimberly Stevenson as CIO of Intel. “Congrats Paula on the new #CIO role and another step forward for #WomenInTechnology,” says Mitchell McGovern.

Identify your leadership style. Jeremy Haselwood comments: “4 different leadership styles, which one fits you best?”