The weekly tech tl;dr –- 8th July 2016

The Big Story

NASA’s Juno now orbits Jupiter. “Way to go, Juno!” tweets Marion Desmazières.

Top News

Theranos CEO no longer can operate blood testing lab. “With the exception of a certain VC who invested, everyone else thinks this is a good idea,” tweets Michael Gartenberg.

San Francisco tech companies may face a payroll tax from the city. Baochi Nguyen comments: “This doesn’t sound like the right approach.”

Brexit could open doors for Fintech. “Let’s wait and see,” says Ecaterina Paun.

You can now hail an Uber helicopter in Sao Paulo. Andy Seavers tweets: “Now Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and on-demand helicopter rides.”

Tech Drama

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei claims a photo taken with a $4,500 DSLR setup was shot by the Huawei P9 camera. “This was smart. #not,” says Marco Nierlich.

Tech downturn fears were exaggerated. Aaron Motsinger tweets: “The type of article that brightens up folks’ weeks far and wide across the #startup world.”

Tesla waited 9 days to inform regulators of Autopilot fatality. Justin Miller comments: “Tesla waited 9 days, until after it was done raising capital, to tell regulators about autopilot death.”

Funding news

Russian online lending platform Blackmoon raises funds to expedite growth in US. Jim Smith tweets: “Russian #FinTech startup Blackmoon bringing its ‘marketplace lending as a service’ platform to the U.S.”

Planned Foxconn Unit IPO could raise $1 billion. “Pretty interesting for $AAPL and other electronics brands: Foxconn’s electronics business going public in HK,” says Pierce Crosby.

Tencent in talks with investors to partner in Supercell purchase. Brian Fitzgerald comments: “Tencent is seeking partners for its hefty Supercell buy, dangling hoped-for rich returns in the years to come.”


Salesforce bid for LinkedIn pushed Microsoft to pay $4.7 billion more. “Savage move, @Benioff,” tweets Kyle Bunch.

Google acquires Moodstocks, a French image recognition startup. “It’s all about image recognition technology, as Google follows Twitters lead with purchase of Moodstocks,” says Ben Mannheim.

Avast pays $1.3 billion for rival AVG. Roberto Capuano says it best: “Bye bye free antivirus.”


Podcast platform Wondery plans to monetize podcasting. Gigster tweets: “This #startup is helping podcasters make money with its new audio platform.”

Decoded founder Kathryn Parsons is changing the image of coding. Teza Technologies quotes Parsons: “We should be living in this amazing utopia where anyone can create anything.”

Brogan Bambrogan leaves Hyperloop One. Jared McKiernan reads between the lines: “No mention of how the Hyperloop went 116 mph instead of 400 in the test.”

IT Professionals

Get rid of hiring bias once and for all. Herb Engert comments: “Companies aiming for diversity need to rethink how they screen resumes.”

Arun Sundararajan talks about sharing economy and revamping the social safety net. “We need to rethink how we organise society for the digital age. Any sign our politicians are addressing this? No,” tweets Ray Hammond.

These six strategies will make your communication more effective. “These strategies could apply to any team,” says Mitch Blackburn.