This app will help you navigate the tough times

Ali Nicolas, chief executive of Pray for Me, wanted to design an app that uses prayer and positive thinking to make the world a better and kinder place. With help from Gigster and her co-developers, she was able to make it happen.

Nicolas came up with the idea for Pray for Me in reaction to seeing so many people lack appropriate support or community to help them through life’s stresses and other struggles. Using the simplicity of an app, Nicolas has been able to pair those in need with those willing to provide help.

“We’re connecting people who are facing challenges with thousands of people who want to send them positive thoughts,” Nicolas said. “If 10,000 people pray for you, then that’s 100,000 seconds—over 27 hours worth of positive energy—directed at you and whatever is getting you down.”

Requesting Prayers

Ali Nicolas, founder, Pray For Me

At its core, Pray for me is an iPhone app that people can use to request prayers for themselves or dedicate prayers for others. Nicolas said she sees her “market” as the entire world population.

“When we told people about our original idea, they all loved it and we just went with it,” she said. “We knew that it had to exist in the world. And we’re not aware of anything else that uses similar technology to connect people—of all religions and those who are not religious—who want to help each other through the power of collective positive thinking.”

Learning About Gigster

Nicolas said she read about Gigster and was attracted to the company’s approach to development.

“When we read about Gigster in TechCrunch, it seemed like such a professional improvement in how to build tech products and we really wanted to try it,” she said. “We were open minded about testing it out and were very impressed with the entire experience.”

Gigster has worked on putting together an app that encapsulates Nicolas’ original vision to help people through positive thinking.

How It Works

To that end, when you open Pray for Me, you first see a real-time feed of prayer requests from people around the world. A viewer can tap on any request to see the names of people who prayed before her, and then tap the “Pray for Me” button if she would also like to contribute positive thoughts.

While praying, the user presses her thumbs on the screen for ten seconds and consciously thinks about the person, people, place or situation mentioned in the request.

Nicolas said users also have the ability to press a “+” icon to post their own prayer requests. The Pray for Me community could then respond and offer prayers or positive thinking.

Nicolas’ team comes mostly from the gaming space, but she also assembled those with experience in the nonprofit and education sectors. In addition to Pray for Me, Nicolas runs an organization called Inside Startups, which helps startups find talent and pairs job seekers with hiring companies in New York City and elsewhere.

Pray for Me was released in the App store May 17 and Nicolas said she and her team are actively growing (and praying for!) the community of users.

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