Top ten newsletters every Silicon Valley founder should read

Being a founder means keeping up with trends across a variety of industries and platforms. You need to keep track of business management trends, competitors, the funding climate and general tech news.

Successful founders understand that they need a rich, well-balanced media diet to stay informed. This list of top newsletters including technology, finance, business—even philosophy—presents the ideal daily dose of useful information from peers, field leaders and investors:

1. Startup Digest by Chris McCann and Brendan McManus

Founded by Chris McCann and Brendan McManus and now owned by the folks behind Startup Weekend, the Startup Digest has a personalized, local-specific email newsletter that includes the best startup-related events, in addition to tailored reading lists to keep you up to date with topics of your choice.

2. Mattermark Daily by Danielle Morrill

This quick, daily newsletter curated by Danielle Morrill does not bog you down with lengthy concepts or descriptions. It delivers bite-size bits including timely, must-read posts by investors and operators, insights from investors and VCs on building a startup, and various lessons learned from startup founders.

3. Quartz Daily Brief by Quartz

While it’s nice to know what’s up in tech, it is also important to get the broader business spectrum. Born in 2012, Quartz is a digital native news outlet, created for business people in the new global economy, with a decidedly progressive bent. Its content is optimized for tablets and mobile phones so you can read on the go.

4. Other Valleys by Anjali Ramachandran

There is more than just Silicon Valley to keep track of in the world of innovation. Ramachandran, who heads up innovation at a well-regarded British ad agency, gives an overview of startups in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

5. Brain Pickings by Maria Popova

A unique collection of curated content across art, science, technology and philosophy guaranteed to make you a smarter and more well-rounded person. Some of the philosophy concepts will force you to examine yourself, your approach to business and to life. Other articles include literary analysis and art criticism. A great pick for any curious mind.

6. Asia Tech News Review by Jon Russell

This is a great newsletter to keep up with technology news across the world which curates notable headlines from the Asia and Pacific region: China, Japan, South Korea, India, and Southeast Asia, so you can stay tuned to the ebb and flow of overseas markets.

7. Bloomberg Briefs

Through this collection of newsletters aimed at specific industries you can get market-leading intelligence in a variety of subject areas ranging from economics to hedge funds to real estate. The newsletters include useful interactive graphs and data.

8. Benedict’s Mobile Newsletter by Benedict Evans

Though this newsletter mostly focuses on mobile content, it boasts about a 22,000-person circulation because it provides concise tech news summaries paired with deeper analysis.

9. The New York Times free newsletters

Yep. The grey lady is alive and well and hoping to entice you to subscribe with a variety of topics on technology, science, politics, arts and world events. Despite the sweeping changes in the newspaper industry, The New York Times is still the top paper in the nation, having won more Pulitzer prizes for quality journalism than any other.

10. NextDraft by Dave Pell

Called “the most interesting newsletter writer in tech,” Dave Pell presents a daily compilation of popular news with his signature insights. Witty and informative, it will keep you up to date and chuckling as you sip your morning coffee.