The weekly tech tl;dr –- 19th August 2016

The Big Story

Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully launches another satellite. “SpaceX is starting to make this look routine. Now, let’s see one of these re-used soon!” tweets Emily Calandrelli.

Top News

Google starts work on a new operating system called Fuschia. JC Gaillard comments: “@Google‘s mysterious new #Fuchsia operating system could run on almost anything.”

Hyperloop may become a shipping tool. Elias Jureidini summarizes: “#dubai port studying Hyperloop tech as possible solution to transport containers from ship to hub.”

The NSA got hacked. Here’s what you need to know. “Cybersecurity Irony: Most innovative hacking methods and tools come from the US Gov’t releasing them into the wild,” says Scott Weiss.

Tech Drama

Google Fiber proved more costly and time-consuming than Google parent Alphabet thought. “Apparently breaking news to some: bandwidth ain’t free. Actually, it’s kind of expensive,” tweets Gus Hurwitz.

Cisco’s move to software means massive layoffs ahead. Bob Madaio tweets the numbers affected by the layoffs: “14K?  20%? Ouch. Tough days.”

Facebook still can’t overcome diversity gap. “Geez who knew that gamifying diversity wouldn’t work? Facebook’s point system fails to close diversity gap in hiring,” says Alisha Ramos.

Funding news

Dropbox is considering an IPO. Tyler Davis comments: “#Dropbox has reportedly met with advisers to discuss the possibility of an initial public offering as soon as 2017.”

Ford and Baidu invest $150 million in Velodyne. “This is huge, not the $figure, but the impact! What a leg up by two power houses.” tweets Joseph Hlady.

Rubrik raises $61 million. Rubrik Director of Sales Anthony Chianese shares his excitement: “The market continuing to back our mission! Very excited about the next chapter of Rubrik!”


Snapchat snaps up mobile search app Vurb for $110 million. Adam Besvinick tweets: “Snapchat buying Vurb is chess move for increasingly savvy M&A team—great team, compelling commerce play, and online-to-offline applications.”

Salesforce buys BeyondCore, a data analytics company. “Another acquisition for Salesforce! Data Analytics business, Beyondcare will be working on SF Analytics Cloud,” says Lee Clark.

Twitch acquires video game community and software maker Curse. Mat Ford comments: “Twitch is buying Curse, adding a big content and web presence.”


On-demand startups struggle to make the economics of Uber work for them. “Uber-for-anything #startups are failing on their promise to make cheap, and quietly misleading customers about it,” Karan Rajpal tweets.

Here are 10 quotes creative founders should know. “Sometimes a powerful quote is more impactful than an entire book,” says Hayden Lee.

An entrepreneur’s biggest challenge is building an audience. It’s “the enormous obstacle every entrepreneur must overcome,” tweets Anna Piotrowski.

IT Professionals

CIOs can learn from Delta’s computer meltdown last week. Sarah Jukes shares what she learned: “One of the major lessons from the Delta mess last week—modernize and test your backend IT.”

Internet security company Sophos hires first CIO Tony Young, formerly GoPro’s CIO. Sophos tweets: “Welcome to the team, Tony!”

Future CIOs, listen up. Thomas Lord, CIO of UGI Utilities, shares tips on how to succeed. “Thoughtful reality check for CIO’s,” says Scott Mackey.