The weekly tech tl;dr -– 22nd July 2016

The Big Story

Elon Musk writes about Part 2 of his Master Plan on the Tesla blog. Stephen Orban comments: “Good leaders provide clarity of purpose and aren’t afraid to break the rules.. i think @elonmusk is pretty amazing.”

Top News

Chinese tech giant Baidu expands its services. “Baidu $BIDU Open Cloud launches video streaming, image processing, IoT services,” tweets Diego D’Aquilio.

Big brands like Yelp are drawn to Pokémon Go to promote their business. “Yelp integrates with #PokemonGo to give users restaurants and pokestops in one,” says Amber D. Jackson.

Microsoft beat Q4 2016 revenue expectations. Maarten Visser comments: “Microsoft killed it! MSFT reports $22.6 billion in Q4 2016 revenue: Azure up 102%, Surface up 9%, and Phone down 71%.”

Intel’s profit fell 51% last quarter. Gabriel Verde Blanco explains: “Intel profit slides on costs related to layoffs.”

Tech Drama

Microsoft blames low phone sales for not reaching its 2018 goal. “#Microsoft admits goal of 1B devices running on #Windows10 won’t be reached on time,” Lance Edelman tweets.

Apple targets Spotify with songwriting royalty proposal. Vincent Laforet reports the proposed changes: “9.1 cents in songwriting royalties for every 100 times a song is played.”

Hyperloop One countersues Brogan BamBrogan for $250 million. Sarah Buhr comments: “BamBrogan’s lawyer calls Hyperloop One’s countersuit ‘revisionist history.'”

Funding news

A.I. startup funding has increased fourfold since 2011. “The new era in Silicon Valley centers on artificial intelligence and robots,” says Martin Ford.

Kiip raises $12 million for moments-based marketing platform. “Congrats to our friends @Kiip on their new C round!” tweets Pretio Interactive.

“Uber for trucks” startup CargoX raises $10 million. Irshad Khan comments: “Goldman Sachs leads $10M investment in trucking startup #CargoX.”


SoftBank to pay $32 billion for U.K. ARM Holdings. “Decision by SoftBank to invest in @ARMHoldings shows UK has lost none of its allure to global investors – Britain is open for business,” tweets Philip Hammond.

Unilever to buy Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion, making it the third largest transaction in e-commerce. Tyler Robb sums it up: “$1bn for selling cheap razors, eh? What a freaking glorious exit. Congrats @mrdubin.”

Yahoo made 49 acquisitions under Marissa Mayer. Founders like Eric Lam will miss Yahoo’s shopping spree: “Maybe Marissa Mayer is just a philanthropist who cares about saving us poor ol’ entrepreneurs.”


This founder thought Uber was doing something right, so he decided to try his hand at on-demand apps. “Find out how #outsourcing #development helped him do it,” tweets Gigster.

Every successful founder has brilliant COO backing them up. Or as Dan Christman puts it: “Vision without execution is a wasted opportunity. Behind every successful SV visionary is a brilliant operator.”

Millennial CEOs of failed startups are more transparent about what went wrong. It’s “important to see both sides,” says Adam Flinter.

IT Professionals

Engineers make great IT leaders. Here’s why. Ray Ebert tweets: “As a software eng. I’m biased but engineers make great problem solvers!”

A recent study found that employees are more productive when you offer work flexibility. Alan Czysz says “this shouldn’t come as a surprise since nearly half the workforce will be millennials in five years.”

Business confidence drops among IT execs. “#Technology firms sing the summertime blues due to seasonal reduction in #IT spending,” says Steven F. Fox.