What’s a code review and why do we recommend them?

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Imagine for a second that you’re adding on to your much-loved house. Whether the new addition creates extra space for a new family member or just makes room for all those Pokemon cards you collected as a kid, you wouldn’t start without knowing that the existing structure was solid.

The code base for any product is much the same as a house. If the existing code is weak, changes and additions could break the code and halt any future growth. Startup founders who forego a code review are gambling with the fate of their product.

The backstory: what is a code review?

A code review can range from a quick glance at some lines of code over a fellow developer’s shoulder to formal sit down meetings where a team of developers spend an hour or more reviewing hundreds of lines of code.

At Gigster, a code review is more than just a cursory glance. Our developers spend time reviewing every line of your code to get a full understanding of how your technology works. They then make recommendations and give feedback based on what they discover.

The value of your code review depends on the reviewer. The more experienced the developer, the more thorough the review. An experienced developer will do a better job of finding not just errors but also missing pieces that will help the product grow.

Who needs it?

Any company with a website or app would benefit from a code review. But four groups in particular will want to make sure their code is reviewed before developing it further.

When you’re working with a new tech team

The most obvious reason for getting a code review is when you’re having a new tech team or developer build on top of your existing code base. The state of your code will determine how quickly they can deliver the new build you’re paying them for. This is your new team doing their due diligence to make sure they have an accurate picture of the state of your technology.

The non-technical founder who wants an unbiased outside opinion

If you’ve got a product in hand but not a lot of tech experience to understand the underlying code, it’s a good idea to have it reviewed before moving forward. The developer or team who built your product may have missed important components or let errors slip in, and it’s your job to do due diligence. Finding an objective outside team to look at your code before further development will help you make sure your code is solid.

The CEO (or CTO or project manger) who just got rid of their tech team

It’s not fun, but sometimes your developers aren’t making the cut and they need to go. As the CEO or CTO, you need to know if the existing code or at least parts of it are still usable. Outsourcing a code review can give you an unbiased opinion of just how good (or bad) your code is.

The technical team who cares about code quality

If you are one of these people, you are probably already performing your own internal code reviews. Outsourcing a code review takes your standard of excellence one step further by bringing in an outside expert who can address changes that would improve your code.


Code transparency

If you are a non-technical founder who doesn’t know your own code that well, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you choose to stay that way, however, you’re like a homeowner who foregoes a home inspection: you’re in for a surprise.

To make sure each of our customers truly understands their existing code, every code review ends with a report of problems and suggested changes. Whether the customer decides to move ahead with the project or not, they will have a better knowledge of their product’s code base.

Cost Savings And Prevention

The earlier you solve a problem the less it will cost you. If you build on top of a bad foundation then you might get away with it for a while but ultimately you’ll have to rewrite each line when the foundation breaks and you’ll have to start again.

Future Growth

A code review can ensure your architecture is setup for scaling to the next level. As you grow you’re likely to rebuild the product from scratch several times. That doesn’t mean you should rebuild often – quite the opposite. You should stay lean and validate the need for a rebuild once your current product has taken you as far as it can. By doing a code review you can make sure your current architecture is built to last.

Review By Experts

If you could choose between a junior developer reviewing your code and a developer who had worked on projects for top tech companies, the choice would be pretty obvious, wouldn’t it? A Gigster code review means that talent who worked on projects at Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo are the same developers reviewing your code.

Still not convinced?

No matter the benefits, founders may still be hesitant to get their code reviewed.

The hesitation: price.

The solution: you get what you pay for.

A thorough code review can save you a lot of money in the long run. Once a code review has been completed you can take that information to get a quote for future work. If the reviewer misses something important then that issue will likely come up halfway through the new build when you’ve already committed money and signed a contract. That could be a $10,000+ surprise that will cause big problems.

For $1,500 dollars in the beginning it’s worth it to get all the right information upfront so you have a clear picture of the road ahead before you commit to more development work.

When you do a review with us you’ll get top-tier developers who’ll thoroughly review your code and find ways to make your end product even better by giving recommendations.

The guaranteed quote you receive when you start working with Gigster is just that: guaranteed. You don’t pay a penny more, no matter how long your project takes or how many errors your code has. On top of that, the cost of your initial code review is credited toward the overall cost of your project should you do one with us after doing the code review.

The hesitation: I don’t want to give access to my intellectual property.

Your intellectual property is what sets you apart from your competitors, so it’s understandable that you don’t want just anyone touching your property. In the wrong hands, your ideas can be copied or stolen, and you won’t get the credit or the revenue from them that you deserve.

The solution: an NDA

Every Gigster who touches your code signs a nondisclosure agreement. That means the developers working on your project cannot legally reveal your ideas to competitors or independently build a product to compete with yours. The NDA they sign protects you and your property from intellectual theft.

An ounce of prevention…

As the old adage goes: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of the cure.” This is true in many places in life and especially when it comes to building technology. By putting in a bit of time to get the architecture right at the beginning you’ll save yourself time, energy and money in the long run.

Want to save your company hundreds of thousands? Get your Gigster code review today.