51% higher productivity: Top 10 global digital agency scales innovation with Gigster Solution.

Client Challenge

Many Japanese enterprises are contemplating what the future of work looks like. Productivity challenges, work-life balance and an aging workforce are adding to the complexity and forcing organizations to assess their growth strategies. In 2019, Dentsu Inc. created a wholly owned subsidiary, GNUS, to pursue digital transformation business in the Japanese market. GNUS was committed to bringing Silicon Valley work styles to Japan and partnered with Gigster to introduce a new way of work.

“I think one of Gigster’s values is to work with freelancers in the most efficient way, using the latest technology and…empowering them to work in a flexible, highly productive manner,” said Kunihiko Mombu, CEO of GNUS. “This was a completely different approach from working in Japan, where you go to the office from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock.”

Gigster Solution

GNUS saw an opportunity to drive innovation through the effective use of digital technology. By infusing the Gigster approach to teams, talent and delivery, GNUS has been able to attract talented freelancers who want to work in modern technology environments.

“The projects we’re developing are related to changing the way people work, and we’re doing a couple of things like developing productivity software and platforms that will (help achieve that),” Mombu said.

GNUS has already found success in helping its clients to successfully deliver multiple complex projects while also providing new ways of thinking, working and collaborating.

Graphic: What makes Gigster team great?

Real Results

GNUS originally set out to create a network of 40 technical freelancers — from software developers to product managers — in six months. However, due to the enthusiastic and unexpected response of the market, they were able to on-board 60 freelancers in only five months across a range of key roles.

“Every client wants to start a new business as soon as possible, but there are many times when they don’t know how to do it quickly. Our new model of working with a prescreened pool of highly talented engineers who utilize the cloud to manage, communicate, and measure performance allows us to deliver results quickly and effectively,” Mombu said.

Moving forward, GNUS plans to rapidly expand its client base, pursue aggressive growth targets and continue to disrupt traditional approaches to work in Japan. “We must always innovate, and we want to be constantly inspired by Gigster to keep updating the way we work and the way we provide our services (so that they are) always exciting and productive…I hope that our approach will have an impact on the way that Dentsu Group works in the future,” Mombu said

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