70% reduction in customer acquisition costs

Client Challenge

Canopy is a leading provider of tax accounting solutions. Canopy is also committed to providing continuing education (CE) programs that help tax professionals maintain their IRS accreditations. Yet Canopy came to believe that existing continuing education platforms provided low quality content for the professionals and were prohibitively expensive for Canopy.

Canopy’s technology team believed a new, purpose-built platform could pay for itself while providing more engaging customer experiences. The Canopy team needed help meeting its goals for rapid implementation, increased performance driven by metrics, and an efficient, easy-to-deploy design—all while realizing faster ROI.

Gigster Solution

Like many innovative enterprises, Canopy lacked the technical capacity to staff all of their initiatives internally. Canopy needed a partner that could deliver a complete, customer-centric application and collaborate with its team in an iterative manner. Gigster was its choice. “Gigster provided us with agile development teams led by product managers, which is what we needed” says Jordan Ray, Canopy’s chief revenue officer.

At every stage of the process, Gigster took care to address Canopy’s high-level business objectives, applying a proven, consultative approach that informed its use of its best practices. This approach applied not only to customer engagement applications in general but also to the customer engagement application built to serve this client, in this industry, at this moment.

Digital Competitive Advantage

Canopy launched its learning management system less than six months after the project kickoff and in half the time it would have taken with a traditional systems integrator. The Gigster solution delivered a better customer experience at a fraction the cost of Canopy’s previous continuing education system.

Industry standards necessitate delivery of a course certificate within 24 hours of course completion. Canopy’s automated system makes certificate processing instantaneous—a process that can otherwise take 72 hours. As a result, thousands of new users have been added to Canopy’s rolls and the number of completed certificates has been boosted by more than 300 percent.

The overall use of the platform has grown by a factor of six, and its online community now exceeds the number using Canopy’s core application. It’s an exceptional outcome and one more example of how Gigster is driving meaningful innovation and customer value at startup speed.

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