Delivering an immersive browser experience at Silicon Valley speed

Client Challenge

In the spring of 2018, Brightroom co-founders Sam Fayed and Matthew Duncan set out to create a real-time technology stack that businesses could deploy to power in-browser digital, immersive, photorealistic 3D experiences for their customers.

Drawing from their days as filmmakers, Fayed and Duncan knew they could use Unreal Engine (typically used for video games) to build a platform that would enable realtors to host virtual property walkthroughs with higher fidelity than existing solutions. But the pair struggled to find the right talent to help them make their idea a reality. That’s when Fayed and Duncan discovered Gigster.

Gigster Solution

To get a better sense of working with Gigster, Brightroom participated in a one day innovation workshop. Reaching across its global network, Gigster started by pointing Fayed and Duncan to an Unreal Engine veteran who could help them scope the project. Over the next couple of weeks, Gigster spun up a distributed team of developers, designers, and product managers who all fit perfectly into the narrow niches of expertise Brightroom required.

Gigster also helped Fayed and Duncan refine their business plan, working closely with the pair to plot the company’s overall trajectory and trim the proof of concept phase down to only its essential components.

All-remote software teams

Real Results

While the Brightroom platform has yet to launch, its capabilities are already exceeding Fayed and Duncan’s expectations. “Within your scene, you can change your furniture. You can fly around. You can see everything rendered in a photo-real setting,” Fayed said.

Brightroom is scheduled to go live within the next three to six months, with Fayed estimating that Gigster sped up their time-to-market by “probably half a year.” Gigster is also helping make the platform more attractive to potential buyers by augmenting it with powerful analytics capabilities.

Emboldened by Gigster’s wide network of talent and contacts across many verticals, Fayed says he’s confident Brightroom will continue to enable multiuser in-browser collaboration, eventually expanding into new markets and use cases—some of which he and Duncan have yet to even imagine.

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