First healthcare to deliver 24/7 access in Mexico

Client Challenge

In Mexico, while medical services are cheap, they’re not readily accessible, especially in the countryside and in small towns. Rather than take time off from work or travel a great distance, many people simply forego medical care or self-medicate.

Medicato set out to solve the problem by making doctors available for instant consultation right where the patient is, via video conferencing. They needed a partner who could help them deliver on their plan to revolutionize Mexican healthcare.

Medicato chose Gigster to build this business-critical application at startup speed. Gigster is a managed service for delivering custom applications using distributed teams of Silicon Valley-level talent.

Gigster Solution

Medicato wanted to solve the problem of medical care accessibility in Mexico. The Gigster team held an ideation session and brainstormed about the best way to think about different solutions. Then Gigster put a team together to design and build the product.

There was content communication at every step of the way and everything detailed in the timetable was exactly executed. Realizing that reliability in video conferencing was going to be key to the product’s success, Gigster tested different WebRTC services to see which one was going to be the most reliable and what was going to feel the best within the application.

Making the payment process as smooth and familiar as possible would also have a lot to do with the product’s ultimate success. The process Gigster arrived at is very familiar — like buying cell phone minutes, except that those cell phone minutes are used to connect and communicate with a doctor.

Dynamic staffing model ROI

Real Results

Medicato launched a platform that connects patients with doctors instantly to access a medical orientation through a video call. Patients pay per call, the equivalent of $18, and it’s 24/7. The app became available for iOS and Android on July 1, 2019 and in the first 2.5 months, Medicato has been downloaded by more than 145,000 users.

From the moment of launch, the product exceeded objectives. Some 50,000 downloads in the first month led to an increasing stream of people using the product. The feedback from these early users was encouraging. And Mexico is only the beginning: the auspicious launch supports Medicato’s ambitious plans to deploy all throughout Latin America.

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