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A beginner's guide to Blockchain
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About the event

Gigster has been guiding and educating major enterprises on Web3, blockchain, crypto and other ventures. For this stream, we'll hear from Web3 education experts as we explore what burning questions businesses have about entering this space. If your company is also curious about Web3 and blockchain and how it would benefit you, please join Cory as we learn about the inner workings and possibilities in the world of blockchain.

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The impact of Web3 ripples beyond just art and digital. It is already showing major impacts across sports, film, music, gaming, and other entertainment industries. Join us with some of the leading minds helping shepherd in the Web3 movement.
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Desmond Efe-khaese

Brand and Media Manager

Audrey Whitlock

Programming Lead, Emerging Technologies

Bradley Ackroyd

Product Strategist

Thomas Gonzalez

Moralis Academy

Mat Patenaude

Former CCO
Zena Token


12:30pm: Introduction - Cory Hymel, Director of Blockchain @ Gigster
1:00pm: Thomas Gonzalez, CEO @ Moralis Academy
1:30pm: Desmond Efe-khaese, Brand and Media Manager @ CoinsCreed
2:00pm: Audrey Whitlock, Emerging Technologies Programming Lead @ ReTrain
2:30pm: Bradley Ackroyd, Product Strategist @ SAIT
3:00pm: Mat Patenaude, FILU Administrative Support @ Gov't of Alberta
3:30pm: Closing remarks and giveaway

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