New video from digital thought leader details the benefits of Gigster Dynamic Staffing

Large independent study cites 30% higher productivity, 60% lower risk, 3.6x higher developer satisfaction.

Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, was recently identified as the #2 person most mentioned by CIOs. When we asked him to take a data-driven look at Gigster’s approach to IT initiatives, we knew he would be thorough and objective. In all, he compared 190 digital projects that were done with traditional FTE workstyles to 190 projects that were implemented. 

To share his findings, Hinchcliffe made a brief video that communicates the key facts he discovered: that productivity on projects done with Gigster’s Elastic Staffing model was 30% higher, on average. On a large ongoing project, with 50 or 60 professionals, this can result in significant savings. He also found that 77% of IT projects were considered failures because they were over budget, over schedule, or under-functional. Compare this to Gigster, where by those same metrics, only 9% of projects were not successful. “We’re talking about many multiples of difference,” Hinchcliffe said. “Using a rigorous model for project delivery gives you a much better success rate. Looking even closer at the data, Hinchcliffe discovered another surprising fact: That developer satisfaction with Gigster-managed projects is 3.6x higher. And as we know, happy developers = better work. This video is less than 15 minutes, and I think it’s a valuable use of your time, so I hope you’ll watch it now. 

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Geoff MacNeil

Geoff is bringing Gigster’s Innovation Platform to market, so companies can use it to transform the Future of Work. Previously, Geoff was SVP, Global Business Development and Emerging Technologies for Infusion, a global engineering firm where he acquired 100+ enterprise customers. He also led strategic solution sales for Sun Microsystems.

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