Where Do Gigster’s
Software Development
Teams Come From?

The Gigster Talent Network is made up of only the top 1% of software engineers,
designers, and developers. We go through a rigorous and lengthy search process so
you don’t have to

How Gigster Works


1. Hire Your Team:

We assemble the perfect software development team for your specific project in 5-15 days.

2. Data-driven Development:

Our agile development platform tracks thousands of data points to keep your project on track.

3. Project Delivery at Startup Speed:

94% of Gigster software development projects are completed on time and on budget.

Team formation


Find best engineers in the market
Our sourcing team constantly monitors the largest professional networks and engineering forums to identify potential candidates. We don’t do mass hiring. Instead, we vet the individual profiles of each interested professional.


Self Assessment Screening
Our jobs and screening questions are carefully designed to help candidates make a true self assessment on their fit for the role in just a few minutes.


Aptitude, language and role specific screening
Candidates go through several rounds of screening to assess overall cognitive and problem solving abilities, language level, and technical fit for specific roles.


Coding Challenge and Real Work Assignment
Candidates are given a comprehensive set of problems and challenges that emulate the type of work they will be doing on a daily basis for the most effective evaluation of technical skills.


Deep technical interview
All our network members are vetted by the most senior engineers on the Gigster Talent Network – those with a successful track record of delivering projects or “gigs” for multiple clients.


The Gigster Way
All our network members are trained by our engagement management team and project managers on the unique processes we use to guarantee successful delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our network

We are proud of the solid, stable and motivated network we’ve formed over years. Our network of highly experienced professionals was not built out of the blue. It took time and delivery of great projects to keep engagement and spirit high.

Being a Gigster

Get the Top 1% of Talent