Gigster Project Examples

Curious how you can utilize distributed teams? See how others like you found success.

Gigster helps enterprises to tap into the power of gig economy talent and mobilize distributed teams to deliver game-changing software. Below are examples of the transformational solutions that Gigster is helping our customers create.

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Learn how the Gigster solution helps your teams work in perfect harmony.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Pharmaceutical company: used AI to evaluate the effectiveness of medications, anticipate side effects and automate data intake process in preventative health application

Global telecom leader: used AI to detect and predict network failures for elevated customer experience

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“Very professional team, focused on delivering and making it easier for us to understand the complexity of the models they are deploying.”

Application Development

Social services organization: created an application to connect disadvantaged youths to social welfare services during COVID

Healthcare organization: built a first-to-market telemedicine mobile application to connect doctors and patients with 24/7 health access in Mexico

Large university medical center: built child-friendly application to improve pediatric patient care by preparing children and their parents through the hospital experience pre and post-surgery while allowing the hospital to gather data and outcomes so the university medical center can apply for research grants

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“Great talent, professional, and flexible, and rocket speed development!”

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Pharmaceutical company: developed a virtual reality game for behavioral therapy to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) engage with others

Software company: delivered an immersive AR experience in a web browser with real-time analytics to enhance home decorating, design and the planning experiences

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“Speed, Professional, and High-Quality Deliverables.”


Social Services Non-Profit: built bots for their case entry systems to minimize data entry across 6+ platforms allowing clinical staff to focus on providing care to their clients

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“Saving 100,000 hours of clinical staff time per year through the implementation of our first robotic process automation!”


Federal government agency: built an AWS -based data supply chain simulator to model ways to avoid disruptions

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“Gigster delivered what we needed, not just what we told them to do, and helped us understand the level of detail required.”


Global consumer product organization: developed an innovative direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform with recommendation engine to connect customers with the products based on profile and preferences

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“Professionalism and personal sense of ownership across the team”

Internet of Things (IoT)

Automobile manufacturer: developed a smartwatch application to “listen for specific events” on the manufacturing line which dramatically reduces defects and the probability of vehicle recalls

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“Ability to adapt based on user feedback and pivoting at warp speed.”


Multinational credit reporting agency: developed processes to automatically apply security policies against the CI/CD pipeline and store the result of the tests in an evidence locker for auditors.

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“I’ve seen the output of the project and…the resourcing when needed, I think that the (PM) brilliantly managed the team.”

Learn more about how the Gigster solution empowers your teams to work in perfect harmony.

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