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How to Remain Productive and Sane in the Future of Work

Unless there’s a strategic plan, remote workers can quickly become less productive or deal with burnout as they juggle between multitasking, handling distractions, and making space for work. This article discusses effective practices you can embrace to avoid feeling under-accomplished or overwhelmed and remain balanced, productive, and sane.
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Employee Churn Isn’t a Bad Thing in the Future of Work

This article explores a changing employee turnover paradigm and why employee churning could be the right trajectory in the future of work.
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Why Existing Management Principles Fail In the Future of Work

We are highlighting the potential dangers of workers and society relying so heavily on technology and sacrificing interpersonal and problem solving skills as unintended consequences which need to be managed.
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Why Team and Employee Health in Distributed Workforces Can’t Be Ignored

Employee value propositions must shift from “work for me” to “work with me”, while customer-first approach should be changed to people-first approach.
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QA Automation: How it Works, Benefits and Challenges

This article discusses the importance of delivering uncompromised quality through complete quality assurance automation so your organization can gain a competitive advantage from reliable and efficient technology.
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Three Steps To Enhance Software Development Risk Management

We have previously written about steps organizations can take to prevent their initiatives from falling into the failure trap. The best practices that emerged from our 2019 study with Constellation Research continue to be vital. With an eye on continual improvement, here are three additional steps you can take to reduce risk.
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New Video From Digital Thought Leader Details The Benefits Of Gigster Dynamic Staffing

Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, was recently identified as the #2 person most mentioned by CIOs...
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The Future of Software Development Webinar: Q&A

On June 25th, Dion Hinchcliffe – VP, and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research -, and I held an....
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Karma – our philosophy behind team culture and performance

A key reason why organizations fail at retaining and growing effective teams is their inability....
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6 signs that the future of work is here today

As software continues to eat the world, companies must find ways to build more innovative teams. For...
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