Stack-Ranking Your Software Team Boosts Productivity

We'll discuss how ranking your developers with objective data will identify your top and worst producers, which empowers you to make strategic decisions that save money and time.
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Improve Your Software Team to Boost Business Productivity and Profitability

Implementing remote work has proven a powerful strategy for businesses of all sizes. The advantages are apparent, from increased productivity and cost savings to attracting top talent and fostering a happier workforce.
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Gigster Acquires Award-Winning CodersRank

We are pleased to announce we have acquired CodersRank, the comprehensive developer ranking platform. Combining the two firms will instantly grow our custom software development services to 250+ technologies and be the first of many human cloud AI tooling solutions for customers.
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Machine Learning Process: A Complete Guide

This ML process will ensure you have a strong foundation for your machine learning process and model. We’ll walk through how machine learning works and describe a common scenario for ML project implementation.
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Building a Cloud Stack: Navigating Complexity in the Marketplace

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Launched in November 2022, the text-generating and query-answering system, whose usage is still free, became an overnight sensation and the tech world’s biggest muse after the metaverse.
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Improve Code Maintenance And Understanding With These Tips For Refactoring

Programmers with at least some experience traditionally prefer to work on new projects. They enjoy designing an application...
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7 Tips For Managing A Remote Freelance Development Team

The advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of remote working throughout the technology world as well as...
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3 Ways NFTs Are Impacting The Music Industry

The non-fungible token (NFT) continues to transform multiple industries across the business world. The functionality of NFTs...
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Blockchain, NFTs, And The Growing Game Development Industry

Blockchain and NFTs continue to be a transformational technology innovation, impacting multiple business sectors...
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Are We There Yet? – Mirages In Software Development

Do completion dates for your software development projects recede further into the distance as soon as they approach?..
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The Risks of Deploying ML Models You Don’t Understand

AI and machine learning rank at the top of the new technologies helping organizations work smarter with a higher rate of...
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Machine Learning Integration: A Guide for Business Leaders

Everything from customer service chatbots to automated cybersecurity tools benefit from the effective use of machine learning...
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