Single Cloud vs. Multi-Cloud: Building Your Cloud Stack in an Increasingly Complex Marketplace

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Launched in November 2022, the text-generating and query-answering system, whose usage is still free, became an overnight sensation and the tech world’s biggest muse after the metaverse.
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Improve Code Maintenance And Understanding With These Tips For Refactoring

Programmers with at least some experience traditionally prefer to work on new projects. They enjoy designing an application...
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7 Tips For Managing A Remote Freelance Development Team

The advent of the global COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of remote working throughout the technology world as well as...
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3 Ways NFTs Are Impacting The Music Industry

The non-fungible token (NFT) continues to transform multiple industries across the business world. The functionality of NFTs...
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Blockchain, NFTs, And The Growing Game Development Industry

Blockchain and NFTs continue to be a transformational technology innovation, impacting multiple business sectors...
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Are We There Yet? – Mirages In Software Development

Do completion dates for your software development projects recede further into the distance as soon as they approach?..
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Is AutoML Worth It? The Risks Of Deploying Machine Learning Models You Don’t Understand

AI and machine learning rank at the top of the new technologies helping organizations work smarter with a higher rate of...
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Overcoming The Challenges Of Integrating Machine Learning Into Real Business Applications

Everything from customer service chatbots to automated cybersecurity tools benefit from the effective use of machine learning...
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Machine Learning Development – A Roadmap Approach

There are many paths to failure in ML, and one of them is a lack of structure. For many ML projects, implementing the...
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Enterprise NFTs: A Paradox?

I attended a talk at DCentral presented by NFTPro CEO Christian Ferri. The talk was titled “Enterprise NFTs with NFTPro”, and the...
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Predicting Development Team Success By Measuring Discursive Diversity

It becomes non-negotiable when talking about gig platforms that rely on remote working relationships and global freelancers...
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The Metaverse: What, Where, And Why

It is a “place” that encompasses a combination of physical and digital environments and leverages immersive and spatial...
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