Mastering Digital Innovation: 8 Technology Trends Impacting Software Development

August 8, 2023
8 Technology Trends Impacting Software Development

Digital innovation continues to evolve at unprecedented speeds, especially with the advancement of artificial intelligence. Understanding emerging technology and – more importantly – which ones can bolster your innovation strategy ensures your company doesn’t get left behind.

The weak economic growth forecast through 2025 will likely see many companies cutting their technology and innovation budgets or constraining talent acquisition by not bringing on full-time employees. But companies must innovate, or they might find themselves irrelevant faster than ChatGPT got 100 million users

The combination of needing specialized expertise to keep up with emerging tech while reducing costs in an uncertain economy has companies looking for new ways to capitalize on opportunities. With Gigster, companies can meet their customers' demands more quickly while mitigating risk and cost for their organization. Our global, AI-driven platform assembles project-specific teams in as little as 24 hours while delivering outcomes 3X faster than traditional software development.

In our e-book, 8 Technology Trends Impacting Software Development Today, we explore the potential risks and benefits of each trend so you’re ready to make the best decisions for your company.

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