Gigster’s Cory Hymel Breaks Down Blockchain On Life In The Cloud Podcast

November 12, 2021

It seems every day there is a new application for blockchain technology and more enterprises are asking the question: how can we leverage blockchain as part of our digital transformation? While the demand for blockchain development is high, many don’t understand how it actually works or what its practical applications are. In answer, Gigster’s Director of Blockchain, Cory Hymel, was invited on the Life in the Cloud Podcast to break down blockchain. You can check out the recording of this interview on iTunes, Spotify, and at Life in the Cloud Podcast.

Cory leads all things blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency at Gigster. He and the freelance blockchain engineers and project managers are currently focused on providing NFT marketplace development to Gigster’s partners. In the interview, Cory shares his insights on blockchain, cryptocurrency mining, and NFTs. “The decentralized not-ownership layer – where every party that is participating in it now has this fundamental level of trust that they can rely on.” – Cory Hymel The Life in the Cloud podcast brings experts in cloud migration, IT management, and emerging technologies to share the latest industry trends and developments.

The podcast’s host, Kris Reddy, serves as Head of Sales and Marketing for Tuple Technologies, a cloud-managed services provider.

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