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Unmatched NFT Expertise and Proven Processes

Gigster has built some of the world’s most recognizable NFT apps and marketplaces for the world’s biggest brands. Our combination of "impossible-to-find" talent and data driven team management processes make us the perfect end-to-end NFT development partner.

Custom NFT Marketplaces

Building your own marketplace allows for complete control of the user experience. These platforms are what we typically see have the highest levels of success.

Utility Tokens

Utility token holders can unlock extra benefits, content, and special offerings from your company or brand. Reward your loyal customers and create added value for your NFTs.

Managed NFT Drops

Drop your NFT on an existing marketplace such as OpenSea with our managed NFT drops. Get everything set up for you and gain expert advice for the most successful release possible.

NFTs for Brand Engagement

Increase the collectability of your NFTs and encourage community engagement by supporting a secondary marketplace. Provide your audience with great brand experiences that stick.

NFT as a Certificate

Allow your NFT owners to unlock tickets to conferences, sporting events, and real-life experiences. Using NFTs as certification increases engagement with your brand and community onl8ine and in real life.

NFT Integration to Existing Platforms

Integrate an NFT marketplace into your existing platform to add more value and create that next wow factor. Customer built integrations keep your platform on the bleeding edge.

Is Your Company Ready for NFTs?

Blockchain technology has proven that it is here to stay and is already significantly impacting every industry.

How can your enterprise benefit? What do you need to do to prepare?
Download our free NFT readiness checklist make sure your organization is ready to make the jump.

Supported NFT Standards

ERC - 721

ERC - 1155

EIP - 2309

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Overall, I would say that we wouldn’t have been able to generate this kind of success if Gigster wasn’t there.

    Kevin Bell

    VP, Talent Acquisition at Brex
  • We’re able to work with Gigster to both rapidly find top talent and build the most progressive industry apps.

    Damon Heredia

    IMB logo
  • Gigster is as much of a game-changer as I’ve seen in the app development industry.

    Michael Keithley


Project Portfolio & Case Studies

Check out the cutting-edge solutions Gigsters have built for some of the world’s best companies.


Patients hoping to transport and share their medical records encounter obstacles in the fragmented American healthcare marketplace...



Americans hold $4.7 trillion in retirement savings in 401(k) accounts. For small businesses, setting up these plans has always been time...


Kar Page

Car enthusiasts across the globe spend time and money customizing their vehicles. They take pride in each one that they own, even after they...



57 million Americans listen to podcasts on a monthly basis—a number that rose 40 percent in just two years. As more people listen to podcasts...


Canopy Tax

Canopy provides a cloud-based platform dedicated to tax professionals. By partnering with Gigster, Canopy was able to create a new...



The number of people streaming music continues to grow. In 2015 streaming revenue exceeded $2 billion for the first time ever. 75 million...


Be Street Smart

In the United Kingdom, buying or selling a home through a real estate broker is a long and expensive process. According to one poll, people...


Fracture Me

People take more photos now more than ever due to digital photography. Yet they have lost interest in printing them. The average shutterbug...



Back office professionals provide companies with administration and support and carry out functions such as settlements, clearances, record...



Colgate was initially looking to build a web app that would allow dentists to easily make Colgate product recommendations to their patients...


Cornell University

Cornell's Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative (CJEI) came to Gigster to develop Restorative Record and integrate it with Cornell’s existing systems...

Check Out Client Stories

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