Tatum CTO Talks Faster NFT Marketplace and Blockchain Development

Blockchain development can be difficult, especially for the thousands of developers just getting started in the space. Creating custodial wallets, blockchain protocols, and smart contracts can turn what seems like a simple NFT marketplace into an extremely tedious project.

Gigster’s Director of Blockchain, Cory Hymel, recently spoke with Samuel Sramko, CTO and Co-Founder of Tatum to discuss tools making blockchain development easier.


Tatum is a blockchain development platform with the goal of providing developers the tools, protocols, and templates needed to build better solutions faster. Their infrastructure and unified framework helps remove some of the barriers new developers face working with blockchains and NFT marketplaces.

In Cory and Sam’s interview, they discuss:
– How Tatum started as a crypto bank development project
– Necessary tools for building an NFT marketplace
– The place custodial wallets still have in NFT development
– Responsibility of educating new developers in the blockchain space to help grow the overall industry
– Building Tatum’s community of 40,000 blockchain developers
– What’s next for Tatum

Gigster recently announced a partnership with Tatum to connect startups to the latest tech in the blockchain industry and give Gigster’s developers an even larger toolset.

“Developer experience and developer relationships are key in this space, especially at this early stage of the blockchain,” says Sramko.

Check out the full interview and look forward to more blockchain partner streams coming soon on our YouTube channel!

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