Cory Hymel Discusses the Future of Blockchain and Web3

February 9, 2022

There is no doubt that blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 will change markets and transform work. But what form will this new future of work take? How will companies deliver value with blockchain technology as it reaches mass adoption?

Cory Hymel, Director of Blockchain at Gigster, recently guested on The Human Cloud Podcast to talk about all things blockchain and Web3.

Their conversation covers everything from the actual technology powering Web3 to the value proposition offered by NFTs and the opportunities and risks of blockchain.

The Human Cloud Podcast is run by Matt Mottola and Matt Coatney, co-authors of the popular book, The Human Cloud. The podcast interviews industry leaders to discuss the future of work and new trends in freelancing, leadership, and technology.

In this episode, Cory, Matt and Matt discuss:

  1. How to use crypto and NFTs to drive serious business change
  2. Future impact of blockchain and NFT technology
  3. How NFT collectibles are driving mass adoption of blockchain
  4. Enterprise adoption of blockchain in 2022
  5. Rise of Web3 and the Metaverse
  6. The actual value companies are delivering with blockchain
  7. Decentralized autonomous organizations and Web3

With NFTs seeing massive growth in 2021 and enterprises starting to invest in metaverse and blockchain technology, this year is expected to be an extremely transformative year for Web3. “2022 will be the year of the enterprise for blockchain,” said Cory. “This year, mass market adoption is going to happen. I think one of the big drivers of that will be NFTs. NBA Top Shot was the first time people pulled out a credit card and bought a digital good in a process that is easy enough that I could see my mom doing it.

That mass adoption and that lower barrier to friction has led to the market as a whole making the mental acknowledgment that digital goods do actually hold value.”

You can listen to the entire podcast for more great insights into the future of blockchain on The Human Cloud Podcast with Cory Hymel.

Cory also speaks with industry experts about NFTs and the future of blockchain in a regular interview series on Gigster’s Youtube channel

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