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Find answers to common questions about Gigster’s application process and other talent network-related questions.

General Information

What is the Gigster Network?
The lifeblood of Gigster is the community, what we call the “human cloud”. Once you join Gigster, you will be part of this network of selected engineers, designers, and product and project managers that want to work with other great people that will be part of great teams.
Why should I join Gigster Network?
Gigster was created to democratize cool opportunities for great engineers from all around the world. We believe that talent has no boundaries.
What makes Gigster Network different from other talent platforms?
At Gigster you will never get bored! We offer cool bleeding-edge projects from emerging technologies that go from blockchain to artificial intelligence.
How can I become a Gigster Network member?
You can apply to join our Gigster network by visiting the company's careers page, selecting the role you would like to be considered for, and filling out the required information.

Application Process

What makes me a qualified Gigster network member?
At Gigster we search for experienced and passionate professionals who are proficient in their field and able to work independently as a part of distributed teams. If you are great at what you do, you are a proactive communicator, and a team player, we would love to welcome you!
What are the assessments that I need to take?
Our selection process consists of the following steps:

1. Aptitude and Technical Assessment (approx 60 mins total): These assessments aim to get enough insight into your technical fit for the role before scheduling your interview with one of our senior engineers.

2. Chat with us (30 mins): This is a call with our Talent Network Manager to get to know more about your background and technical skills. During this chat, we also explain more in detail about our talent network and clarify any questions you might have.

3. Technical Interview (30 mins): The final step in our selection process will be a deep technical interview with one of our senior engineers. We will explore your skills in-depth while discussing more specialized topics.
What is the company's approach to remote work?
Gigster is a fully remote company, with team members working from different locations around the world. The company uses communication and collaboration tools to ensure that remote team members stay connected and engaged.
How long does the application process take?
Our application process is designed to last a maximum of 18 days from the moment of the application until you are welcome into our Gigster Network. The stage time for feedback in between the selection process stages is from 24 to 72 business hours.
Can I apply for more than one role?
Yes! We encourage our applicants to apply for the role they feel most comfortable with based on their experience, however, once welcomed into our network, our Gigsters are able to request further evaluations to get clearance on their entire skill set.
What if I need special accommodations to complete my screening due to disability?
You can write to network@gigster.com with your special accommodation request.
Can I sign up as my business?
You can join the Gigster network both as a sole proprietorship or as a Single-member LLC owner.

Getting a project

How can I get a project through Gigster?
You will get access to exclusive project opportunities for Gigster Network members. You can apply for any of the qualified projects to be considered for the role.
Can I work on a part-time project while I work on a full-time job?
Of course! As long as there is no conflict of benefits, and you are able to meet the requirements such as stand-up calls, you can be considered for a part-time gig while you work on a full-time job.
Are all projects remote?
Yes, all our projects are 100% remote
Where are Gigsters’ clients located?
Most Gigsters clients are located in the United States.
How long does it take to get a first project through Gigster?
It depends on the time you join the network and our project opportunities at a time. We highly recommend every network member build their profiles and check available projects often so you don’t miss any exciting opportunitie
Can I choose which project to work on?
Yes! Before you join any project, the staffing team will give you the scope of the project, and detailed payout information. You will be asked to sign the project agreement if you are comfortable with each requirement. Whether you want to be a part of the project or not is totally up to you.
Can I showcase my work through Gigster on my social media?
All deliverables, projects, inventions, and all other information that you develop, learn, or obtain in connection with these projects, constitute “Confidential Information” of Gigster and are owned by Gigster. This includes, but is not limited to, all rights, titles, and interests (including patent rights, copyrights, etc) and all other intellectual property rights of any sort.

Getting Paid

How do I get paid?
The Engagement Manager is responsible for filing your payouts for work completed. All payouts are paid via Payoneer. Your payout schedule and hourly/deliverable rate are referenced in the project agreement sent at the start of the gig.
Do I need to submit timesheets?
Depends on the gig. If you join a time & material project, you will submit a timesheet every Friday.
I am outside of the U.S., do I need to file taxes in the U.S.?
Once you create your Payoneer account, you will be asked to submit a tax form. Taxes are different for each individual and corporation. We have a good support system from Payoneer to help you guide through the process.
How often do I get paid?
Payout will be processed every milestone (2 weeks sprint).
Does Gigster take a cut of my earnings?
Nope. Your earning is yours!

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