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Easily understand the productivity levels
of your engineering teams.

code based evaluation

Gigster’s METRX Solution Guarantees a 3X ROI

Ready to boost your software development team's productivity? Discover how METRX Solution helped an ERP company overcome challenges and achieve growth.

Gigster METRX

Over 10 years and 5,000 projects, we’ve found a unique way to identify high & low performers. 

Our METRX solution algorithmically ranks and measures your engineers’ productivity over time with your personalized data. Now, you have a tool to identify who may need a little help, who your rock stars are, and increase impact in your business.

Measuring an engineer is hard

You’ve heard it a million times, you can’t
measure engineering productivity because:
  • Developers’ practical work is hard to examine
  • A CV is not enough to judge coding quality
  • Uncomparable code across languages
  • Price/Performance ratio is unclear

...and a hundred other reasons.

Not measuring is even harder

You know not measuring means no visibility
into what your teams are doing.

  • $1 trillion a year is spent on voluntary turnover only in the US
  • 39% of hiring managers list their top struggle as developer evaluation 
  • 33% of yearly developer salary is spent
    on turnover 
  • 30% of IT leaders named talent retention as their biggest problem
Request an Evaluation TODAY and understand how to bring MORE value and savings to your organization.
Our groundbreaking algorithm uses 23 key data points combined with a comparative data pool of over 600k development benchmarks to identify your top and bottom performers in your software development team.

We compile this data-driven evaluation with HR data like salary, tenure, and roles to highlight your team’s highest and lowest performers, risks and suggestions for areas to improve, in real-time, with your personalized data for an unbiased performance evaluation.
Upcoming Webinar

Upcoming Webinar: We Solved the Developer Productivity Problem 

Join Cory Hymel, Gigster’s VP of Product and CodersRank Founder and CEO Karoly Paczari on November 1st at 2PM US Eastern, as they explain METRX, our latest innovation that promises 3X ROI in your organization.
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Gaps in Productivity vs. Payroll

Gain insight into whether your payroll distribution is reflective of value added to your organization

“Now I know my top performers who have given attributes, behaviors, and activities. We can now coach our lower performers based on those to help them be more productive.”


Gaps in ROI Through Our Performance Over Time Report

Identify low performers and find opportunities for upskilling and coaching

With data spanning 12 months, we discovered the productivity of the bottom 50% of the team could be replaced by 2-3 engineers at the level of the Top 10.

“This is eye-opening. Year over year, the team has grown by 30%, so the question is, why are we seeing the team size growth but not our topline?“

ROI Team Performance

Gaps in Salary Distribution Through Our Performance by Pay Band Report

Redistribute Your Software Spend on High Performers to Drive Value

As a result, the company could easily see that the top 10 developers represent 36% of the cost but generate 58% of the productivity.

“Why are we spending 50% of our topline on R&D but not seeing the value and impact as a result?”

Productivity vs. Salary

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