Why Is Web3 Education in Government Critical to Mass Adoption?

March 20, 2023
Why Is Web3 Education in Government Critical to Mass Adoption

The general public still has mixed opinions and views about Web3, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the industry itself. Many still view crypto and NFT as speculative assets.

But why is it speculative? Because it’s new, there are no standards yet, and it is innate that we as humans fear the things we don’t know.

Gigster’s VP of Product, Cory Hymel, sat down with Mat Patenaude, Community Liaison for the Government of Alberta in Canada, to discuss the role of Web3 education in government. Their discussion had some very interesting takeaways for anyone in the Web3 or education space.

Education and Regulations are Key to the Web3 Mass Adoption 

There is a lack of standardized education in the blockchain industry. The technology is new, and there may be learning resources out there, but no one can verify their credibility. Patenaude said that he had to throw himself to self-study Web3 and blockchain through videos, news and blog articles all over the internet even if he wasn’t sure about the quality of the resources he found.

In the near future, the education sector must look at blockchain as a common branch of study to be taught in schools. But projections suggest it could take 5 to 6 years for the sector to include Web3 and blockchain in nationwide curriculum, much like how coding and programming was adopted as a subject in schools.

This makes it even more important for governments around the world to educate themselves about Web3 and be the catalyst of its mass adoption through crafting rules and regulations. Governments that are seeking education, creating regulatory frameworks, and adopting blockchain in their systems can help the general public understand, open up, and be at ease with learning the technology and its benefits. With regulations and safeguards in place, people can be protected by laws from bad agents exploiting the technology.

Increased Accountability and Transparency in Government through Blockchain

The current information chain that governments use has many issues. It is difficult to properly store, organize and share massive data, and to verify sources. Blockchain can be a way for the government to increase transparency and accountability by making records verifiable on-chain, accessible and visible to the public.

Agencies and other entities in the public sector can put up public records and data on the blockchain such as financial reports (budgets, funding, spending etc.), progress reports of projects, and the parties involved and accountable in every action. By doing so, the government can improve trust from the public.

Blockchain can be an all-in-one public ledger where the government can store data, track and monitor progress and financial records, and report to the public – even allowing an average person to view records on-chain at each step of the way.

Microcredentials in Education Sector

Technology is moving fast, and it is not ideal for students to take on four-year degrees anymore. If they do, once they are out of college, the industry has already changed drastically in the past four years.

The tech industry suggests that schools adapt and provide "microcredentials'' or micro certifications. Microcredentials are bite-sized specific areas of studies, or niche, which a person can complete in weeks to months. For example, instead of learning a four year IT course, it helps to focus on a certain area like crypto or NFT. Microcredentialing allows people to master skills faster and apply it to improve the industry.

Having those microcredentials can also be stored on blockchain, so employers can see its credibility and validity, rather than just taking what the applicant claimed to be their credentials and work history.To learn more about Web3 education in government, and how the Government of Alberta is implementing some of these changes, check out the full interview with Mat Patenaude here.

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