Stack-Ranking Your Software Team Boosts Productivity

October 16, 2023
Stack Ranking Software Team to Boost Productivity

Your software developers are your company’s most valuable asset, so why not elevate their performance through stack ranking? When it comes to harnessing the full potential of your engineering team while optimizing costs, developer evaluations are the game-changing solution you've been waiting for.

Gigster has recently made a significant leap forward in helping organizations seeking to cut costs and boost productivity. Gigster's METRX Solution has proven to save companies money by giving them a better understanding of their software development teams' performance.

Our developer evaluation solution is a comprehensive assessment platform that helps organizations improve the productivity of their software development teams, save money on underperforming developers, and retain their top talent.

Below, we’ll highlight how ranking your developers with objective data will identify your top and worst producers, which empowers you to make strategic decisions that save money and time.

Did You Know: According to a Digital Ocean Survey, 39% of hiring managers named developer evaluation as their top challenge. [1]

Optimize Your Development Team

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your team's performance, and get the most from your software investment today.

The Power of Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is not just about assessing individual contributions; it's about understanding your team's collective strengths and areas for improvement. Our Developer Evaluation Solution provides personalized and objective analysis of a company's entire software development team by productivity, performance and quality.

Our analysis empowers you to make objective, data-driven decisions about your engineering department so that you have only the best-performing talent working for you, ultimately maximizing efficiency and cutting costs.

Remember that this is a strategic process beyond assessing individual accomplishments.

Why is This Important?

• Identify and Address Low Performance Early On

Low performers have a significant financial impact and also impact the morale of your organization.

• Recognize, Reward and Retain Your Top Performers More Often

Top performers like to work with other top performers, so you’ll boost morale and productivity.

• Use Data-Driven Insights to Make Better Decisions

Objective insights can help you identify gaps in productivity vs. payroll, skills, and training, helping you make informed resource allocation, compensation, and performance management decisions.

Cost Optimization Through Performance Management

The most immediate advantage of regular developer evaluations is cost optimization. You can make data-driven hiring, training, and resource allocation decisions by efficiently evaluating your team's capabilities.

Why is This Important?

This means you can quickly address lower performers with bad quality code, upskilling, training, or managing out.

Did You Know: Poor software quality cost U.S. businesses $2.41 trillion in 2022. [2]

Identify Rising Stars

Every engineering team has hidden gems—rising stars with exceptional potential. Recognizing and nurturing your stars can lead to innovative breakthroughs, boost team morale, and ultimately save your business money by maximizing the potential of your existing talent.

Did You Know: 30% of IT leaders named talent retention their biggest problem. [3]

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Enhance Team Collaboration

Understanding each engineering team member's strengths and weaknesses can promote collaboration that maximizes productivity. Teams that work cohesively save time and money by tackling projects more efficiently and effectively.

Why is This important?

• Improve Talent Retention

Happy employees mean happy customers.

• Generate Higher-Quality Work

Less time and money spent fixing bug-ridden code—less technical debt.

• Increase Productivity

High-quality, productive employees are the key to success.

A Bright Future for Your Engineering Team

In a tech-driven world, your software engineering team is at the heart of your company's success. Evaluating their performance is not just a matter of cost optimization; it's about securing a bright future for your team and business.

Incorporating Gigster's METRX Solution empowers you to unlock your team's full potential, nurture rising stars, and make informed decisions that save money while driving innovation.

It's a win-win for your company and your dedicated engineers. Explore the possibilities today.


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