Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR) founded the Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative (CJEI) to provide training and support to job seekers who were involved in the criminal legal system, help employers rethink hiring practices, and influence criminal justice reform. Their belief in the power of technology to mitigate exclusionary hiring practices led to the creation of Restorative Record, a digital hiring tool to help justice-impacted candidates highlight rehabilitative efforts in job applications.

Using Cornell as its pilot case meant Restorative Record would need to be embedded within preexisting systems and developed to immediately scale to the hiring needs of Cornell’s seven schools. CJEI’s existing team did not have the expertise in technical architecture or the development resources needed to build and integrate an enterprise-grade application within their limited time and budget.

Gigster's Approach

CJEI came to Gigster to develop Restorative Record and integrate it with Cornell’s existing systems. Gigster provided:

“The expertise was there, we were able to assemble a team with the exact requirements that we needed, and we were able to build an enterprise-grade application that our other partners were not up to the task.” - Jodi Anderson Jr., Director of Technological Innovation at CJEI


"Here we are building something truly innovative, and the pace of development is matching that."  - Jodi Anderson Jr., Director of Technological Innovation at CJEI

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