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The evolution of AI has intensified and every industry has been impacted by the rise and promise of generative AI – from making businesses more profitable and efficient to launching first-to-market innovations. However, adopting rapidly evolving AI is a challenge for many companies, especially when finding the right niche of talent to implement it.

Gigster is excited to introduce our latest innovation – 
AI Teams On-Demand – that assembles a flexible team of AI experts for your custom project 6x faster than hiring 
We'll Discuss:
The rapid evolution of AI-focused technology within the last 10 years and the consequences of not keeping pace in your business
How Gigster's AI-driven, pre-selected talent platform and focused processes allow you to build the team you need to complete your AI project without having to make a permanent in-house investment
What an AI-specific team is composed of, and why Teams On-Demand is the right solution for your POC, MVP, or iterative project

Event Date: on-demand

Cory Hymel
Vice President of Product

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