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Building a custom software project is faster than ever with Gigster’s Teams On-Demand. You can immediately access pre-built AI engineering teams without sacrificing quality to start your project 6x faster than traditional models.
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Gigster Teams On-Demand

What is Teams On-Demand

With a press of a button, the niche skills you need are assembled specifically for your custom software innovation with Teams On-Demand. Gigster’s global talent network is calibrated through AI-driven data and allows an instant portfolio of people to bring your software goals to fruition.
AI Teams On-Demand is for anyone who needs to tap into AI experts quickly, is looking to supplement their existing AI pilots and MVPs, or wants help to create their AI strategy. It’s ideal if you need to get started in as little as 48 hours, need AI innovation to achieve your go-to-market goals, and want more flexibility and control over a project’s workflow, timeline and budget.

1. Boosts Versatility

Teams On-Demand boosts versatility, seamlessly augmenting your team’s capabilities or acting as your complete workforce if you’re starting from scratch. Our curated talent roster effortlessly integrates into your processes and workflows, significantly enhancing your team’s output and filling skill gaps.

2. Product Testing

Teams On-Demand allows for product testing and iterations; it’s the perfect solution for software projects with an open-ended roadmap.

3. Adapt Your Staffing

With Gigster’s Teams On-Demand, you can adapt your staffing as needed. As your project evolves, Gigster’s Customer Success Manager taps our AI-driven network to pair a new skill set to your team for unparalleled flexibility. We find your niche talent requirement and can assign them in as little as 48 hours.

Is Your Company Ready for Teams On-Demand?

Your software possibilities are endless when partnering with Gigster by deploying a Team On-Demand. With a press of a button, the niche skills you need are assembled specifically for your custom software innovation with Teams On-Demand.
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Possibilities Are Endless

Partnering with Gigster's Teams On-Demand empowers your custom software project with limitless potential.


Proof of Concept

Rapid Product Iteration



Development Support 

Data Migrations


How Gigster Helps

Gigster tailors expert talent to your organization's specific needs and also provides an architecture outline and a delivery template to enable seamless collaboration.


• Gigster’s network of 600+ engineers has broad and niche experience, with over 5,000 projects delivered
• Our experts have proven track records of implementing industry-specific tech and workflows
• Customer Satisfaction scores over 90%


• Our proprietary AI platform assembles project-specific teams as soon as 48 hours
• Teams On-Demand allows for faster ramp-up time and faster spin-up times
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Teams On-Demand vs. Fully Managed

Is Teams On-Demand right for you and your project?

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Teams On-Demand Use Cases

A Fortune 500 company recently leveraged Gigster’s AI Teams On-Demand to expand their LLM (large language model) pilot, integrate generative image functionality, and get access to AI experts for future roadmap planning.
Within 24 hours, Gigster assembled a specialized team of AI experts, maximizing the company’s efficiency and time-to-market by eliminating weeks of onboarding and development time.
The customer realized an exceptional go-to-market acceleration through the strategic staff augmentation of AI Teams On-Demand.
  • Overall, I would say that we wouldn’t have been able to generate this kind of success if Gigster wasn’t there.

    Kevin Bell

    VP, Talent Acquisition at Brex
  • We’re able to work with Gigster to both rapidly find top talent and build the most progressive industry apps.

    Damon Heredia

    IMB logo
  • Gigster is as much of a game-changer as I’ve seen in the app development industry.

    Michael Keithley


Talent management and delivery platform

The modular Gigster platform makes it easy to assess and verify talent, build turnkey teams and deliver consistently.

Talent Assessment Module

Calibrates in-house talent and also plugs into the Gigster global talent network, enabling a blend of in-house and freelance talent into hybrid teams

Teams Module

Enables elastic staffing of talent on a just-in-time basis onto teams to lower project costs by 30%

Delivery Module

Manages risk by providing a comprehensive and independent risk assessment at each milestone, reducing delivery risk by 75%.

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