Inc. Magazine Highlights Gigster’s Innovative People Cloud

Gigster CEO Chris Keene talked with Inc. magazine about Gigster’s People Cloud to address the global race for top engineering talent.

Much of the debate about the Future of Work starts from a premise that a project is either 100% captive talent (traditional employees) or 100% freelancer talent.

The reality is not black and white. Most companies use both. In fact, there is a multiplier effect for using a blend of in-house talent and freelancers—connected by collaboration tools. At Gigster, CTO Debo Olaosebikan calls this a “People Cloud,” which delivers increased agility to our enterprise customers through managed access to top freelancer talent with the predictability of traditional captive talent models.

This debate was driven home for me recently when I spoke with Inc. Magazine about the choice between “Freelancer or Full-Timer,” as the magazine presented the debate. In fact, the key to unlocking the Future of Work productivity lies in recognizing that there are shades of gray on how the best talent wants to work—particularly tech talent.

At Gigster, we believe the best software will be built by those who are inspired by their work, can choose their work environment, and are rewarded for pure contribution. Here’s more on our vision and mission.

Gigster is applying the People Cloud in digital transformation projects for global leaders including Canon, Canopy Tax, Clorox, Harley Davidson, Prudential and Staples, to name a few. Hybrid teams, enabled by technology, are successfully implementing agile and lean processes throughout the fast-paced software development process, delivering tremendous business impact.

As Marc Andreessen famously said, “software is eating the world.” If you’re a software company, that’s good news. However, if you’re not a software company, you face the challenge of competing with all these disruptive software companies for the talent you need to succeed with digital transformation. That’s what motivates us at Gigster—both our full-time Gigster Team and our Gigster Talent Network. Gigster’s People Cloud provides the Silicon Valley DNA to help established companies survive and thrive in the digital economy.

Chris Keene
As CEO, Chris drives Gigster’s vision to de-risk digital innovation. Chris was previously VP Cloud for VMware, where he led the $400 million Pivotal spinout. Chris also founded and took public Persistence Software (NASDAQ:PRSW)

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