Tips for Writing a Business Case for Custom Software Development

Learn how to write an effective business case for custom software development. This guide explains how to secure project approval, articulate goals and opportunities, and make informed decisions through a comprehensive assessment.
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Restorative Record Serves Justice-impacted Job Candidates

Cornell University's Criminal Justice and Employment Initiative (CJEI) partnered with Gigster to create "Restorative Record," a digital tool aiding justice-impacted job candidates by offsetting discriminatory hiring practices.
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Mastering Digital Innovation: 8 Technology Trends Impacting Software Development

The rapid evolution of digital innovation, driven by AI, necessitates understanding emerging technologies to bolster innovation strategies amid economic uncertainties, ensuring companies remain competitive by quickly meeting customer demands and mitigating risks.
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How Algorithmic Ranking Can Build or Destroy Trust

Algorithmic ranking systems can help manage gig workers, but poorly implemented systems can do more harm than good. How do these algorithmic ranking systems impact freelancers, and how can they either build trust or destroy it?
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How to Intelligently Approach Emerging Tech Opportunities

But with the rush of exciting futuristic technologies – how do we keep sane? How can companies rise above the hype and know how these technologies can really solve problems particular to them? Here we will discuss how companies can take an intelligent approach to evaluating and adopting emerging technologies.
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How to Avoid the Problems Companies Face with Quality Assurance and QA Automation

This article examines a slew of operational nightmares companies face in test automation implementation that could lead to disappointment and offers tips on overcoming said obstacles to improve your overall test effort and project success.
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4 Ways Metaverse Technology Will Influence The Enterprise

Major tech companies such as Facebook (Meta), Microsoft and even Disney are pouring in billions and billions of dollars to...
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Explore 6 Enterprises Building Metaverse Technologies

Communication and the way we interface with one another is constantly evolving. Only 30 years ago everyone communicated...
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How Gigster Engineering uses elastic staffing to develop our own product

For years, Gigster has successfully used elastic teams and just-in-time staffing to deliver thousands of...
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Talent Calibration: A Vital Component Of Innovation Management

Companies that don’t introduce innovations to their core business eventually turn stagnant. Much worse, companies that...
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Escaping The 70% Digital Transformation Failure Trap

Digital transformation projects are challenging initiatives being launched across almost every industry sector...
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Gigster Drives Transformation at a Global Top 10 Digital Agency

Dentsu is the 5th largest advertising agency and the 9th largest digital agency in the world. In July 2019...
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