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New Techniques For Heuristic Evaluations: How They Can Help You Ensure Maximum Usability In New Apps

Building any product is hard. It’s even harder to build a product that people love and use to solve their problems regularly...
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Liquid Teams: How Remote Teams Can Optimize Efficiency And Quality

With the pandemic, traditional software development teams underwent a profound shift. Overnight, the physical offices that...
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The Future of Software Development Webinar: Q&A

On June 25th, Dion Hinchcliffe – VP, and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research -, and I held an....
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Talent Calibration: A Vital Component Of Innovation Management

Companies that don’t introduce innovations to their core business eventually turn stagnant. Much worse, companies that...
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How To Be A Better Remote Teammate

At Gigster, we’ve created over 5,000 digital milestones around the globe. Our teams have worked on complex projects...
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How Does Personalization Technology Work?

In “How Personalization Technologies Are Used Across the Web” we saw eight examples of personalization in action...
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Escaping The 70% Digital Transformation Failure Trap

Digital transformation projects are challenging initiatives being launched across almost every industry sector...
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An Overview of Personalization Technologies Across the Internet

Personalization is at the core of many modern internet services and has been a topic of heated...
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Proven Techniques for Reducing Risk in Tech Innovation

Creating a strategy for technology innovation involves getting a handle on the unknown and the ...
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Should your next Product Manager be freelance?

Before we dive into that question, it’s important to have a clear answer to these two questions: What...
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Gigster Drives Transformation at a Global Top 10 Digital Agency

Dentsu is the 5th largest advertising agency and the 9th largest digital agency in the world. In July 2019...
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Thriving with Remote Software Teams: Dos and Don'ts

Most people knew that remote work would become our new reality one day. But nobody knew that day...
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