Launching Gigster Fund: Invest with your work

Freelancers are pioneering a new approach to work and life, fueling the growth of the gig economy. They’re creating flexible careers on their own terms, focused on their passions and life dreams.

Yet their freedom presents an important challenge that very few in the tech world are talking about. As it stands, startup employees get equity, enterprise employees build a 401k, and freelancers get nothing. How are freelance workers preparing for their retirement years? Don’t they deserve more ways to prepare for their financial future?

Gigster stands for giving freelance developers access to a much bigger pool of opportunities than ever before. Today we’re extending these opportunities with the launch of the Gigster Fund. To create this reserve, we will directly invest in some of our top clients’ companies. Combined with a portion of our own company equity, this fund will grow with Gigster and its community. Every Gigster in our freelance network will be eligible to benefit from its returns. When a company in our fund exits through an IPO or M&A, active freelancers will get a cash bonus based on their work for that company.

Startups pay their developers with equity to compensate for lower salaries, giving employees the chance for a bigger long-term payoff. It also encourages employees to care about the long-term success of the company. We’re excited to provide a way for our freelancers to enjoy the same potential upside, and for customers to be able to incentivize the workers bringing their dreams to life.

We’re the first company to offer a program like this. Our hope is that we are not the last. The Gigster Fund encourages our developers, designers, and product managers to use their skills to invest in their futures.
To learn more and sign up, visit our Gigster Fund page.