The weekly tech tl;dr – 13th May 2016

The Big Story

The fallout from Uber and Lyft leaving Austin continues as Burnie Berns comments: “Not happy that Prop 1 in Austin failed, but less happy that @uber & @lyft put so many drivers out of work with less than 48 hours notice.”

Top News

It all comes down to “behind-the-scenes lobbying,” says John MacDonald of the wrangle over encryption between law enforcement and tech giants.

Is the tech bubble bursting? Shelli Trung calls Prosper’s recent layoffs a “sign of the times.”

Dropbox is also cutting employee perks, just another example of “belt tightening,” says Jennifer Lee.

Tech Drama

Facebook swears it never suppressed conservative news. Dave Rubin comments: “Doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, you must be against this. One day they’ll come for your ideas.”

Renaud Laplanche’s recent resignation from Lending Club has huge implications for peer-to-peer lending. Mike Cetera tweets that  “May 2016 will go down as the worst month in industry’s history.”

The Oracle v. Google showdown continues. Sarah Jeong comments: “In our brave new world, Oracle v Google is a rare instance of nerds getting owned by normals.”

Funding news

The Hyperloop has taken one step further to becoming a reality with tests today. Dave Pell tweets a startling image of it in action “That Hyperloop actually looks pretty cool.”

Cliff Bleszinski just invested in the crowdfunding game site Fig, although neither party has disclosed the details. Bleszinski says he’s “proud to be involved with Fig.”

15 year old Dyn raised $50M to help companies speed up their websites. Dan McAuliffe who’s been with Dyn since 2011 tweets that “seeing it grow to this, is pretty awesome!”


The US DoD is trying to get friendly with tech startups. MK Bailey says somewhat ominously that it’s stepping “closer to Silicon Valley.”

Deciding between hiring a tech co-founder or a freelance developer? Gigster tweets that it’s a common dilemma for early-stage startup founders.

Tracy Sun went from curing diseases to co-founding Poshmark, a fashion startup she says is actually a software company. Her staff tweets that she’s “empowering, inspiring & a major BOSS.”

IT Professionals

The differences between how males and females do work is actually good for your business. Aleisha Coote comments: “Gender intelligence moves us from the mindset that great minds think alike to great minds think unlike.”

What if one simple strategy could make your upcoming M&A successful? Alexander Rosen tweets: “Why do so many M&A deals go sideways? Because execs bring insufficient discipline to the evaluation process.”

Communication breakdowns happen. But Gigster says it’s all about “how you respond, fix and prevent that matters.”