The weekly tech tl;dr -– 24th June 2016

The Big Story

UK votes for exit from the EU, a move that could have major implications for tech companies and financial markets. Lisa Fleisher tweets: “Brexit could be bad for U.S. tech: UK is a counterweight to heavy regulators France & Germany.”

Top News

Microsoft announces new partnership and software to track cannabis sales. “Not who I’d expect to be 1st Big Company to Serve #Legal #Marijuana Trade,” says Mike Grandinetti.

State censorship threatens the open internet. Alejandra Lagunes tweets: “Digital economy’s continued growth isn’t guaranteed. Depends on our commitment to a free, open Internet.”

Hyperloop One considers building high-speed transport system in Moscow. “A 10min Moscow commute. Cargo containers whizzing at 500mph. Hyperloop One is bringing the future to Russia,” says Bruce Upbin.

Tech Drama

Airbnb says it’s fighting racism but limits how customers can sue for discrimination. “AirBnB is not young. It has had 8 years to improve its consumer rights,” tweets Heidi Moore.

FBI requests for private information from tech companies is nothing new. But is it legal? Larry Akey comments: “FBI has been pushing the limits on NSLs for awhile, but some tech companies fighting back.”

The music industry calls out YouTube for unfair practices. “The music industry is still full of people who worked during the 90’s CD boom and expected it to last forever,” says Scott Manley.

Funding News

Samsung plans to invest 1.2 billion in U.S. IoT startups. Chris Sherman says Samsung is “putting a huge bet into IoT.”

Number26 brings in another $40 million to change the future of banking. “Bam. Congrats,” tweets Simon Schmincke.

The Muse raises $16 million. The Muse founder Alexandra Cavoulacos tweets: “Big, big day here at @dailymuse. So proud of this team’s passion & hard work and excited for what’s next #museon


Tesla makes $2.8 billion offer for SolarCity. Beth Comstock comments: “#Energy industry in motion, only getting faster…”

Twitter acquires Magic Pony Technology to improve delivery of images with neural networks. Zoe Amar tweets: “Magic Pony Technology is THE best tech start up name ever.”

China Tencent acquires Supercell and commands 13% of game business. “Talk about consolidation…,” says Justin Baker.


What would founders be doing if they weren’t starting companies? Professor, ski patrol, and journalist are just some of the answers. BrightHaus tweets: “@trygigster Asks our founder, Michael Harbron, what he’d do if he wasn’t in the business world. It’s kinda morbid.”

Redis creator talks about the challenges of maintaining open source software. “Redis has an advantage compared to other databases trying to enter large corporations,” Richard Seroter tweets.

Founders don’t need to be geeks. Raju Rayasam says “#Startups world doesn’t belongs to #geeks alone.”

“Want to save money as a #startup?” tweets Gigster. Here’s how to cut costs as a startup.

IT Professionals

Can bots win the trust of your users? “People will only trust their bots if they trust the makers of their bots,” Jiaqi Pan comments.

Employee results matter more than time. Ron Montgomery sums it up: “No one likes a micro-manager!”

San Jose names Rob Lloyd as CIO to further its “Smart City Vision.” Mitch Bradley tweets: “Congrats Rob Lloyd! Welcome to the neighborhood.”