The weekly tech tl;dr –- 29th July 2016

The Big Story

Verizon will pay $4.83 billion in cash for Yahoo. “It’s been a long time coming,” says James Base. “I’m glad Verizon officially made the move.”

Top News

Nintendo stock drops after the gaming company announced Pokemon Go wouldn’t boost earnings. Guy Thompson comments: “#Nintendo is only 32% shareholder #PokemonGo When pointed out to investors, stock fell 18%.”

Google aims to become the leader in cloud computing. Bjørn-Erik Willoch? tweets: Google, Amazon, Microsoft: deploying different business models in the race to lead cloud computimg.”

Twitter, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Samsung all post quarterly earnings. “This week will be big for tech behemoths reporting earnings,” says Prashant Rao.

Tech Drama

Bezos pushed Buffett from his place as the world’s third richest man, but only for a day. Ally Greer comments: “Amazon’s ‘strong stock performance’ made Jeff Bezos the third richest person in the world last week.”

Bing will likely generate $5.3 billion this year. Peter Skomoroch tweets: “Microsoft’s Bing isn’t a joke anymore.”

Qualcomm settles gender bias dispute. “Qualcomm to pay $19.5 million after claims women are kept under the glass ceiling,” says Chia-Lin Simmons.

Funding news

SafeBreach raises $15 million to help its clients identify cybersecurity weaknesses. Cofounder Itzik Kotler shares his excitement: “Onward and upward! Go Team SafeBreach!”

Scopely, a popular mobile game publisher, raises $55 million. “Huge raise for an awesome company!” tweets Peter Luttrell.

Activity booking service Peek raises $10 million. Founder Oskar Bruening comments: “Excited!! @peek raised $10m, Trulia’s @peteflint joined our board and we partner w/ @yelp.”


Oracle agrees to pay $9.3 billion for NetSuite Inc. “BOOM @Oracle buys #NerSuite, biggest ever M&A in SaaS history, 3rd largest ever in SW,” says Sanjay Poonen.

Salesforce still wanted to buy LinkedIn even after Microsoft deal was announced. Dan Gingiss tweets: “Wow Salesforce CEO offered ‘much more’ to buy #LinkedIn even after the deal with Microsoft.”

LaunchKit joins Google. Brian Rinaldi comments: “The tools for mobile app developers that made up LaunchKit are now open source, following the Google acquisition.”


These two founders built an online marketplace for wine. Gigster tweets: “This online #wine marketplace #startup figured out how to give customers the lowest prices.”

This founder is helping millennials engage with the stock market. “Millennials aren’t #investing. This #startup app helps them learn about the stock market risk-free,” says Gigster.

It’s not about the acquisition; it’s about what you build. Quirino Sugon Jr. says it best: “Friends, Romans, readers: I come to praise Yahoo, not to bury it.”

IT Professionals

Your employees have checked out. Here’s how to stop them. Joanna McClatchie summarizes: “Employees with no prospects of promotion or pay raises are disengaged, frustrated and ‘quitting in their seats’.”

Try Ben Franklin’s trick to stay a life-long learner. “Keep learning. Great reminder on why constant learners all embrace the 5-Hour Rule,” says Jason Katcher.

DNC cyber attack catches the attention of CISOs. John Pelaggi tweets: “We are now confronting the possibility that a major power is using a cyberhack as a means of influencing.”