The weekly tech tl;dr –- 15th July 2016

The Big Story

Rollout of Pokémon Go increases Nintendo’s value to $28 billion. Bridie Macdonald tweets: “The game’s massive popularity has added $11 billion to the valuation of Nintendo. #instahit #itreallyisfun.”

Top News

Google launches training program for 2 million Indian developers. Hans van Houwelingen comments: “Massive! Google plans to make the curriculum accessible to millions for free to help make India a global leader.”

Amazon takes the creative workplace to a whole new level with high tech greenhouses. “Ok legit cool,” tweets Kara Swisher.

Chinese venture plans to become Tesla’s rival. Gregg Toney comments: “This Tesla competitor aims to launch an electric self-driving car by 2020.”

Tech Drama

Hyperloop One co-founder Brogan BamBrogan files a lawsuit against Pishevar brothers. “Have any studios optioned the rights to this yet?” Ana Milicevic asks. “Everything about it screams more blockbuster than reality.”

Sharing your Netflix password (and any other online password) is officially a federal crime. “If sharing ur Netflix and HBO Go passwords are federal crimes, how many of us are criminals?” asks Mandy Carr.

Venture capitalists learn important lessons from Theranos. “Hubris – it’s always hubris,” Richard Eidinger tweets.

Funding news

DCM Ventures raises $770 million for various investment funds. “Excited to announce our latest fund!” says Kyle Lui.

Chat app Line on its way to 2016’s biggest IPO. Gaurav Sachdeva tweets that the company has “plans to raise over $1.14 billion.”

Codecademy makes plans to expand after raising over $30 million in a round led by Naspers. Sebastiaan Vaessen offers his congrats: “Welcome to the Naspers family Codecademy!”


Google acquires Kifi to improve Spaces. Edwin Zácipa comments: “Google has made another small acquisition to help it continue building out its latest efforts in social apps.”

DOJ and FTC approve Rovi’s Tivo acquisition. “Wow, this is a big deal,” tweets David L. Smith.

Tencent plans to acquire China Music to create streaming giant. Tencent is “eating the internet world,” says Sohil Gupta.


Silicon Valley entrepreneurship still outpacing the rest of the US. Christopher Mims comments: “Data suggest tech is concentrating ever more money, power and influence in Silicon Valley.”

Starchup brings on-demand to laundromats. Gigster tweets that “this #startup helps small #cleaners and #laundromats remain competitive in the mobile economy.”

Magic Leap founder says mixed reality will be coming “soonish.” “Product launching this fall finally?” Sean Everett asks.

IT Professionals

How to keep up with startup news. The Lucey Fund tweets: “Getting the #411 is crucial to stay a head of the game.”

Target’s CEO looks to his CIO to help the company grow. Michael Greenberg comments: “Without it you don’t have a company>Target CEO sees top tech exec’s role as the backbone.”

Digital economy makes CIO role increasingly important. “Top CIOs now spend more time in the executive suite than in what is left of the old corporate data center,” says Sean O’Shaughnessey.