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The return rate for online apparel retailers is 50 percent and complicated return policies are scaring away traditional brick-and-mortar shoppers from digital shopping. That gave the founders of Craze an idea. The New York City-based startup developed an app that gave customers an innovative way to shop for clothing online. The company needed a tech partner to help bring it to life.

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There are no fitting rooms in the digital world. That makes it difficult for people to picture what they’ll look like in a piece of clothing when shopping online. Craze cuts down on return rates by using cutting edge 3D technology so that customers can themselves in a new outfit.

When founder Mark Fishman realized that more and more people were shopping online, he wanted to take the opportunity to jump into the fashion game. He partnered with his cofounders Molly Hurwitz and Ari Bregian to build what would eventually become Crave.

Unfortunately, the team had a number of setbacks including a programmer that wasn’t committed enough, skyrocketing expenses, and a buggy first release.

“I think I was just relying on a miracle that when we launched it would actually work,” says Fishman.

That first launch caused problems. It wasn’t all bad news: the team was able to prove that their marketing strategy worked. They generated nearly a thousand downloads a day for the first five days. Unfortunately complaints followed the same growth trajectory. Their gripes? People couldn’t find things on the app, certain functions didn’t work properly, and others couldn’t log in.

The company realized that if it was going to succeed it needed to do a fresh build. That’s when they realized they needed to find a better way to build their app.

Fishman heard of Gigster through a programmer he was working on another project with. He reached out to the company and was put in touch with a product engineer.

“[He] was a tremendous help. He walked us through the process,” says Fishman. “That’s the extremely comfortable thing about working with Gigster. The communication is excellent.”

That’s the extremely comfortable thing about working with Gigster. The communication is excellent.

Fishman says working with Gigster was unlike his experience with other programmers. Those past experiences included missed deadlines, poor communication, and rising prices. They had been constant problems for Fishman and his team. These experiences caused the founder to become justifiably cautious, but he says the Gigster team eased all of his concerns.

“We're very, very proud that we have Gigster building our product,” he says. “We definitely appreciate the tremendous amounts of patience and transparency.”

The new Gigster-built app let’s customers shop from multiple outlets using a universal shopping cart, and will cut down on return rates by allowing customers to envision themselves in their purchases. If someone is shopping for a blue shirt, they’ll be given many pictures of people wearing a blue shirt, all in 3D imaging.

“The person that you see yourself looking most similar to, that looks good in the shirt, will help you make an educated decision whether to purchase that shirt,” says Fishman.

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